What improvements or new features do we want in Raptor 2.0

Somethings I would like. No particular order

  • Settings to VESC on the fly to allow for adjustments to brake, speed etc. On phone app would be good. Go Jacob.
  • A remote that allows for adjustment to different speed settings. Say beginner, intermediate and STIG. Just allows nubby’s to use it because the leaning curve takes a bit of time if yourve never ridden none if these things out of the box. -With the change of the on/off push button to flick switch and issues with some turning it off with foot. Maybe it could it be rocated to bottom side with heavy duty chrome push button with blue led ring light… -charging port moved to side, but will need the waterproof cap. Might need to stay on top. -USB port. For charging remote or phone or other accessory. Light. -I like the thumb throttle, but ths remote needs to be more robust and feel more solid in hand. Current one susceptible to damage easily.
  • Love the carbon deck. Kick tail guard screwed in with flush screws would be nice. Ppl are keeping on those edge guards. Someone should come up with a cleaner looking one. The edges are susceptible to knocks and damage to corners. -Maybe different design for grip tape. Id like to see less grip tape over the beautiful CF. Know you need the grip though. Also e centre part needs to be linked as it comes off. Might help a little with staying on. Maybe the Enertion symbol on deck would be better than name. Understand branding though. -Offer Abec 11 83mm 75A durometer as option. I think alot of owners will appreciate it and maybe less issues. -USB port. -Nice built in rear led light would be good to warn drivers. -Handle needs to be slightly deeper to allow fingers in there and rounded edges as the current one cuts into your hand slightly when carrying it for any period.
  • Battery option for air travel. Smaller size space cell that also can connect to another one to give full capacity when we arrive at the desitinarion.

All of the above are minor… The Raptor 1.0 is an awesome achievement so far and I know it will only get better. Hope I dont want to replace it soon.

But given its fairly modular like Onloop has promoted. Most of the above things I could change if option offered like new remote with settings.


First that comes up in my mind would be:

  • adjust your bottom plate to host decent inserts so you could screw your vesc’s in tight and not sticking out from the rear. -Adjust the rear in a way like for instance @longhairedboy uses in his deck builds. Get the motor connectors embedded in the carbon fibre with leads and plugs to the vescs, so all is interchangeble without glue/soldering/cutting… -A click system for the lid to come of easily -A compartment for the battery rather than the velcro which makes u bend the spacecell -I’m guessing if a 12mm belt dual should be an option. -design a led kit that’s optional but embedded with the deck

Tell me if I’m being ridiculous :smile:

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  • quality grip tape (the one on the Raptor is too fine imo)
  • softer wheels

Everything else is called above.

I don’t want to open Padoras box (again), but maybe a color choice… I’M SORRY

I’d like to see the following features added:

  • a beer holder. It needs to use piezo-electric cooling to keep the bottle cold, should probably add a whole new P group just to get the needed watt hours for this.
  • Follow me mode. When i get off the board and walk through the store, i don’t want to have to carry it. It should just be able to follow me and match my pace.
  • red kevlar. Forget the carbon. Lets go dyed kevlar fabric instead, and a corinthian leather grip surface so i can ride in my socks.
  • 25 watt per channel 4 speaker bluetooth audio, it can run off the same subsystem as the beer cooler. Needs to be 100% future proof and iphone 6S compatible. this would also pause the audio intermittantly to tell you how fast you are going and make suggestions about where to get a slurpee.
  • wifi hotspot and data plan
  • air bag equipped trucks for a smoother ride
  • high discharge rate parachute pack for emergency slow downs.
  • road side assistance subscription package
  • theft protection service that automatically shuts down your board remotely and triggers a GPS beacon and calls 911 with the location, then calls you as well. It can use Morgan Freeman’s voice in the synthesizer.
  • grip made from the crushed bottles of only the finest Russian vodka punched into glass powder by Putin’s bare fists.
  • retractable Co2 grappling hook for making tight turns at high seeds.
  • a locking compartment to put my gun in. Everyone in America has guns and we take them everywhere because you never know when the terrorists will drop down from obama’s terror-copter.

I’m sure i’ll think of some more later.


More or less everything was said, i feel though there needs to be an order of things. Lets be real all those improvements are impossible in a reasonable timeframe. The biggest 3 things for me personal to stick with evolve in the future are the following:

  • Speed settings
  • Various wheel set up’s (size of wheel, Abecs etc and even AT)
  • Hub motors.( as a choice)

This makes sense, but I would also like an autopilot mode so I could take a nap while I ride to work and a hover feature.

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Love this! Can I get some of what your smokin lol

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I like several of @Skitzor suggestions. 12mm belts for dual would be nice. 15mm for mono…? Running motor wires through the deck should be doable…then you could safely eliminate one riser and probably make it a softer riser. Improvement of both look and feel. Flywheels would be nice, but I probably wouldn’t offer them if I’m @onloop…too much of a pain to carry low margin inventory.

I’m purely focussing on a truely modular build. The wires shouldn’t run trough the deck but just from the back of the raptors ‘belly’. Now the bullet connectors are straight soldered on the vesc, and these together glued in the openings at the back. Which makes repairs a hassle…

Running wires through the deck is actually a good modular solution. Plug in a VESC on one and a motor on the other…change out a bad VESC or motor with minimal hassle. I’m speaking as someone who’s replaced a bad VESC in my raptor dual and built a board with LHB style channels running through the board…Much easier to work on the board I built.

Should also mention, this board is MUCH more comfortable that my raptor…even with 83mm flywheels on the raptor.


Woow, self-made? Looks awesome ! I thought it was a raptor in the first picture Both are good options, but I guess embedding the connectors in the back would be a much easier interpretation for the raptor 2.0.

Thanks. Yes, self made, Drang Dasher 37 deck. Basically a long range (SC pro4) wooden raptor mono. Back to topic…I’d like to see a wider kick tail on raptor 2.0. Seems like my back foot is always getting fatigue on longer rides and I think it’s because I’ve always got 1/4 foot hanging off the board.

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wires through the deck? Insanity!


Arigato, Sensei! Seriously, I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned and been inspired by your builds.

I think you Forget A build in miniature Skatan shrine

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@longhairedboy, stop teasing me haha !

Needs a high powered chick magnet, and side car (or trailer) option for when the chick magnet is set to “attract” mode. I’m married, so I’d have to set it to “repel” mode, but my rides would still be much more pleasant without having to outrun a baby duck style trail of screaming admirers everywhere I go. How come nobody talks about this? :laughing:

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The grip is pretty solid for me. My first eboard injury was from that tape when I dropped the board and tried to catch it with my knee. Uploading…

I would love to see a collaboration with the brake board trucks. Shouldn’t be that hard to add motor mounts to that and I’d feel alot safer with a mechanical backup brake


Yes that would be nice but the brake board design is really heavy :confused: