What is C- on the Bms?

How I wire this Bms? And what is C-?

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C- is charge minus. All negative ends go to the BMS and the positive goes to the battery. That looks like a BestTech BMS and I think @Namasaki has the wiring diagram.

Thanks, I will ask him

Found it, thanks

@IsTalo some of those BMS’s from Bestech are configured to charge and discharge from the same ports. In that case I believe that C- is not used. It depends on how they configure it at the factory. Check w your vendor to verify how yours is configured. Or use the bestech data sheet by matching model numbers.

Not sure if this the exact same (mine was 10S; the specs may be different for yours), but it’s the same model from BesTech. Could have some useful information.

Okay, I’ll talk to Bruno

Oh. Thanks! Does it work nicely?

Yeah, works great so far :slight_smile: