What is Charge only bms vs charge/discharge

I bought a build a while back and only kept the battery/bms…hooked it up to dual focboxes and 200 kv motors and it runs great!..Other day the board kept shutting down mid ride and then seemed to turn back on…its seemed as though adter it shut down few second would pass & would only let me only engage breaks and then right after acceleration would work for a few more yard before shutting down, at times losing total power to board to where I had to re power up board… button always stayed pressed in… I’m thinking maybe a bad power button as I bought one not knowing what to buy and it’s the kind that stays pressed in seems pretty janky. Also I’ve always noticed the battery meter turns on when board is charging, but now I also notice that the board is actually completely On when on charger and connects to remote ready to go…is this normal? And may the bms be a cause for my board shuting down or is it most likely the janky looking power button, this setup looks like a charge/discharge BMs what is the difference and how can I bypass…voltage on battery seems fine