What is Discharge?

I’m a bit of a noob when it comes to batteries, I’m wondering what discharging batteries is, I understand that batteries have a discharge rate- mine are 20c each but what about on my iMax charger, there is a discharge function. Does it mean it will un-charge my liPos, if so what values do I select for a safe discharge and how do I do it? I have two Turnigy 3s1p 5000mah 20c hooked up in series. Any help would be apreciated :+1:

Yep that’s exactly what it means. Your charger also might have a “storage” function which will either charge or discharge batteries to approximately half capacity for storage. Your batteries can be safely discharged at far greater rates than the charge is capable of so you can choose whatever the max the charger will let you. How to do it? Hook the battery up to the charger like normal and start discharge mode.

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Thanks for the help :+1:

When I read the title I instantly thought devin is back, holy … :joy:

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Why would i need this option to discharge batteries?

Say you charged your lipos fully intending to ride, but something came up (Thunderstorm​, Grandma died, etc.). You can then safely and quickly discharge your lipos to storage level.
It is damaging to lipos to keep them at full charge (or even fully discharged for that matter).

I am guessing this also applies to li-ion batteries right?

Yes, but i don’t think it’s as bad.