What is going on with Protoboards?

It says on protoboards website that all items will be restocked around late June early July and it is late JULY now so what is going on? And also is the pulley system from protoboards good, do you know any who have used it?

Seems to me they are out of business:

noo it looked like a really good site :frowning:

tell me about it :cry:

I think this is the same case with Alien Power Systems- very similar message on their website , perhaps they are buying of same stock supplier in China. Anyone made any purchases recently from APS?

Do you guys know any other good vendors in Europe?

I don’t think so since their products aren’t even nearby each others. It has been like that always with APS. They never have much stock but they answer quickly for emails if you want something specific. Protoboards is new on esk8 bussiness but they haven’t been anything in stock for months and they doesn’t even answer emails.

I have a bad feeling proto looked at the market sometime last year, thought ‘huh, everyone running out of stock and there’s clearly huge demand - i bet i could do that time for me to cash in’. So he went out saved up a bunch of stock and opened a website. Sold it all, then encountered the problems with supply 99% of us and seemingly all vendors encounter at one point or another and are all too familiar with. Probably decided sod it and cut his profits/losses and moved onto the next thing. I’d bet you can find him selling fidget spinners down at the sunday market now! :joy:

Huge shame though, them mounts were absolutely solid.

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APS is still going. They just updated their website with new products.

People like to go to them for motors.

I am very glad I didn’t wait for them to re-stock as per my initial plan :smile:

Hi, as many of you have noticed ProtoBoards has recently not been active. This is mostly due to personal life and not been having any time to work on the website. We have still been shipping out all orders which have been placed. Over the past weeks I have been trying to re-stock all products on the store however I have not been having much luck with manufacturers causing some delays. Now that I have time to start working on Proto-Boards again expect to see many more updates in the future. Best Regards, Luke


nice to know that you are not dead in the woods :wink:

@ProtoBoards is ALIVE!