WHAT is most important for a good electric skateboard?

As we know, a good electric skateboard may be specificated from different aspect: max speed, mileage, torque power, weight, swappable battery, airline friendly battery design

but it is not practical to have all the advantage on one board.

then what should be the 3 MOST important features???

this discussion may be interesting.

Definitely “torque power”. nothing else matters


When in doubt, torque power it to the maximum



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For me. Quality wheels, good brakes and Torque

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  1. RELIABILITY (remote control, esc, etc)
  2. Brakes
  3. Torque
  4. Range

1 complete silence 2 long range 3 High speed ( my current main build lol )

  1. Reliability
  2. Good wheels
  3. Long range (trust me, it sucks when you have to go home early and everyone else can keep riding)
  1. It’s a skateboard.
  2. It powered by electricity

1.The Rider there are some people here who Sit on there skateboards and ride without helmets.

  1. Power You could have Higher gearing for top speed or Lower for torque But nobody likes a weak ride.

  2. I have to say the longboard goes before range because If your on a piece of junk that kills your feet with Vibrations etc you wont want to ride far.


Nothing like having one of your motors lock up at high speed to convince you that “reliability” is the number one trait. The others are more subjective, but everyone wants a board that just works.

The looks!

If it looks fast it is fast

If it looks Good it is Good

If it looks powerful it is powerful


1.Reliability 2.Smooth ride 3.Fun riding it

  1. Reliability :flight_departure:
  2. Range :steam_locomotive:
  3. Speed :bullettrain_front:

The most important part of an electric skateboard is the skateboard

Too often the actual skateboard is overlooked. Beautiful mechanical and electric systems… mounted to a flat plywood plank on knockoff trucks with crap bushings and generic wheels


I would say most important is reliability with quality sourced parts your build should be more reliable.

  1. Reliability
  2. Doesn’t break down on the way to work
  3. Rides through snow and brine without crapping-out
  4. Resistance to breaking but not to braking
  5. Built tough
  6. Takes abuse
  7. Won’t street my face because it got brine on the ESC
  8. I know that I will get to work on time
  9. I can carry an armful of groceries and not worry about the skateboard breaking down.
  10. Reliability

Smokey burnouts without smoking the drive system. https://www.instagram.com/p/BaFYW0jj0I4/


Admittedly sitting or laying on the board is super fun, and really adorable when my fiance does it, it’s truely best when standing!

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  1. Always reliability.
  2. Ride quality ie the board and drive train.
  3. First build range. Second build lightweight and compact. Torque doesn’t even seem like it’s an issue. Most available parts already accommodate for that.