What is my 10s6p 30q worth?

I’m considering selling it… Its one big brick probably suits best for MTB…lightly used and has a 35amp bms so could probably use a bypass or new bms if want all the potential…

Heres the backstory if anyone cares… I built it for my delivery ebike in NYC… So it doesnt get huge performance use. When I was a total newbie I was looking for a high capacity cell and everyone, rightfully so, rages about the 30q and its amp output so thats what I bought. But since then ive become more battery intelligent and bought a bunch of PFs an affordable solution especially when I dont need a high amp output pack for a basic ebike. Which after welding and assembly is working great!

So that said its been used a few times a week each week twice daily maybe. For about a month.

Can you please take some pictures so we can get a better idea of what you’re interested in selling.

I can later if I’m close to where my bike is stored BUT it is wrapped in shrink wrap so.im not cutting it open at this point…

But short of long its straight up in cell holders 10 x 6

If you are not using it make sure to discharge it to 36v for storage

Here sum pics…basically looks like a battery… And i guess the bms was for 40amp but doesnt.matter really if yur wanting that 60 out put… So what could this fetch for a price??


I’m curious… do you have any pictures of the build process? Depending on how well it’s done, that battery is certainly worth 500-700 USD

If its worth anything…which im sure is…scepterr did the assembly.

I would say 15-20% off from.what you bought it for

I purchased the cells myself off nkon and.just paid for assembly…

Cells + assembly - ~15% then :slight_smile:

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meh…id rather rip it apart and use it for another build…

i feel like the benefit here for someone is its instant gratification…its here now, in the US, and ready to use especially if someone doesnt have the skills or resources to do a build and no waiting a long ass month for nkon to arrive =)

Scepterr makes some great packs, can’t find this much quality anywhere else

do u have a pricing suggestion?

That thing is def worth 500+, Id say around 700ish is a good price

How much did assembly cost?