What is the best 2.4GHZ controller for VESC?

No… still testing. … needs some fine adjustments. Mostly software related.

Have got one and it works well since 4 weeks. First binding was a bit tricky, you have to hold the power button at the remote while switching on the board until you hear 3 beeps. Then it’s done. Didn’t know that before though…:wink:


@lowGuido awesome! Please let us know how it goes! Ya; I’d miss perpetual Steez but maybe the “gas pedal” feeling is cool. Note @elkick 's comment about binding below. @psychotiller had a bad experience binding these, but maybe they’ve improved since.

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I will be looking forward to seeing them when they get here.

I have this remote and it’s reliable but kinda looks like a hand gun when in hand. The only thing I don’t like about it is changing out the batteries.(none rechargeable type)


Man! Wish I would have known that…Haha. I kid I kid, that never worked.

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Thanks @Glenn good feedback. I suppose we could get rechargeable AA’s but of course then that drives up the cost.

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Well i checked my mail today and it was like Christmas! I bought a lot of this stuff cheap, for science. Im going to build a hack board and just use it to test all types of transmitter and ESC combos.

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@lowGuido awesome! I haven’t seen that controller with the red molding before what is that?

Well so far so good with the quanam. Binds up without any issues so far. But its raining so I cant take it for a skate.

The red one i bought as an impulse buy online somewhere. I cant even remember. I just remember buying it because it looked pretty compact. However it didn’t come with a reciever so. Its kinda useless to me at the moment.

Ok so my quanam experience so far has been pretty good. To bind i simply turn it on and place a jumper on the receiver an then take the jumper off. Done. Every time i power on the transmitter after that it just syncs up. I even tried to un-bind it by putting the jumper on an not turning on the transmitter. It just binds up again as soon as i turn on the transmitter. I don’t know. Seems almost too easy. As for how people skate without perpetual steez button I’ll never know. I have only had one skate but it required 100% of my concentration on that trigger finger. It was easier than trying to skate with the nunchuck joystick alone, which was a relief. I’ll give it a few more tries, but I cannot see myself ever enjoying a skate with a trigger type transmitter. Nunchuck is just so effortless. Perpetual steez 4 lyfe!

Oh. Also you need to remember to turn the transmitter off. Nunchuck just powers itself off when you turn the board off. Thats got me a couple of times now.


Well I just did a 10 km skate with the quanam. And while i have absolutely no technical issues with the transmitter I will never ride another trigger driven transmitter so long as I live. I am sure that i can fine tune a few things and probably get used to it, but it just isnt anywhere near as fun as the nunchuck. My trigger finger is cramping, and even though its the same board I just cant seem to go as fast as with the nunchuck. While it is physically capable I just dont seem to be able to pull the trigger all the way down. And the brakes seem less responsive. I feel that I need to tune them up on the esc or something. Again its nothing to do with the capability. But more with me and my finger being too cautious.

TLDR: Im concentrated so much on the trigger I can’t enjoy my skate.


I don’t want to harp on here… but in the interests of science I have ordered a receiver for the red transmitter. even though I have pointed out my hate for the trigger, I’m going to follow this though. one thing I have noticed is that the handle of the red transmitter is empty sans battery in the red part. so I could effectively hack off the bottom of it to make it even more compact.

here’s my not an artists impression:

also worth pointing out that this transmitter cost USD$5 so it would be very economical if I can sort something out with the receiver.

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@lowGuido Thanks for all of this great feedback, keep it coming! I’m enjoying this testing process.

@lowGuido any tips on removing the JST connector safely?

Its tricky. Best done with a desoldering iron.

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@lowGuido did you ever get the “Red Demon” working? Could you share where you found it?

I have all the parts but i havent got around to testing it yet. I am going to build a dirty hack board that i can pull things on and off of for science.

well the so called “Red Demon” seems to be a big fat fail. even with the specified receiver I can’t seem to get it to bind at all. while I am a little disappointed I couldn’t get it to work and wasted about $12 on it. I’m also not too worried about it because Trigger throttle sucks anyway.

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@lowGuido lol I enjoy your complete disdain for trigger throttle! I’ve recently been using GT2B and I find it quite nice when paired w VESC. Have you tried it w VESC? For me, it feels very smooth and easy to control. It’s not ideal, and I really need a perpetual steez button to fully enjoy the ride; but after a few rides I’ve started to enjoy it.