What is the best 2.4GHZ controller for VESC?

Just pull it all the way.


LOL. I dont want to die.

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ha! @chaka ! Ya @lowGuido , just use electrical tape to hold the trigger in the 100% position.

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@lowGuido yep I’m waiting to hear that a stable build is ready! Until then it’s GT2B city!

No one here gets out alive -Jim Morrison He would’ve pulled it all the way haha

I just tested out my Nyko Kama with the 4.10 VESC and 2.3 BLDC. The cruize control is drastically improved and its working like a dream, very smooth speed increases and decreases. It seems like allot of work as been done on the programming. However I do have issues using the remote in my front hand, my VESC’s are mounted near the right truck and holding it in my front hand results in my led obscuring the 2.4GHz transmission, no problems in my back hand with a clear line of sight though.

@moja that’s really interesting… is the connection between the Nyko Kama receiver and transmitter really that finicky? I’ve had lots of problems with mine (I’ve tried two different Kama’s) and I figured the problem was with wiring as opposed to signal interference… now that I think about it, my VESC is mounted to the rear of my board and I also hold the remote in my front hand. The plot thickens!

I get the same problem when I am riding on the beach with my Fik big daddy, if I am barefoot and there is moisture on my feet and I have my foot over where the receiver is mounted I loose connection. The straight line of sight range is decent with these lower grade wireless connections but they cant pass through objects at all.

this is interesting… I never really thought much about front hand and back hand… I did some experiments today with my board, rode 7km with the Kama in the front hand, and 7 in the back hand.

no difference for me.

I have my receiver inside a micro pelican case which is pretty tightly sealed with thick plastic, Im going to extend the wires and mount the receiver PCB outside the case and hopefully I get the same results.

mine is inside a carbon fibre moulded container, I was a bit worried about the carbon fibre blocking the signal at first, but have had no issues.

I wonder if there are external factors like other RF noise in the area?

Or maybe just the rider’s own cellphone creating interference ? Anyway, putting this small receiver antenna next to a VESC doing a lot of high frequency switching seems like asking for trouble to me. I wonder if putting the rx further from the VESC may improve reliability.

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Whats fhis controller? On gumtree at the moment. Looks cool.


link doesn’t work

Found a working link.

link is fixed now as well. looks like the Rolls Royce of transmitters there… speedo, battery indicator, flashlight… probably controls the skateboard too!

Somebody needs to buy this and tell me how it works with VESC. I want a speedometer and i like the idea of a light on the remote.

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There is too little information but quite good for the functionality and not sure whether they provide international shipping:

Wireless (2.4 GHz) Speedometer Flashlight Regenerative Brake Reverse Horn (optional)


Not sure whether it will work with vesc Didnt realise it was for the epic boards. Maybe someone can check with supplier to confirm. Looks like it can be shipped to US. Found it in our local sellers website, so Epic must have had separate adv. Thought it was just a private seller,