What is the best 2.4GHZ controller for VESC?

@lowGuido I still haven’t experienced any dropouts yet, using the JST plug. I agree with you, however, that reducing potential failure points is the best way to go. With more hours on this build I can see how the JST plug’s connection could weaken.

@treenutter Ahh. Your description sounds very different to the wiiceiver method of cruising. Im not sure i like the idea of brakes while on cruise. Sounds dangerous. But some of the other aspects like down hill decent sounds really good.

Im sure its something i’ll get used to.

the idea of cruise control on an eboard in general just makes me nervous.

@longhairedboy it made me nervous at first as well, but I’ve grown to really love it. Unlike a car’s cruise control, you have to constantly supply input to the ESC to keep moving, so there’s no way for the board to run off without you if you release the remote (unless a hardware error occurred, in which case effffff!)

@longhairedboy have you ridden a board with cruise control? I never ride without it. its so nice. you just get to the speed you want to skate at and then hold the button down. dont have to worry about anything. if a small pug runs out in front of you and you get a shock, you almost instinctively release the button and glide to a slower speed. when the monster is gone you hit the button again and you back on your way. in fact I never eve decelerate. I just release the button whenever I feel I want to slow down. cruise control is a bad word… maybe it should be constant speed button.

edit nah forgedabout it… from this moment forward I’m calling it the “perpetual Steez button”


@Moja I found [this controller at HK][1]. I’ve never tried it, but it is much smaller than a GTB2 and really cheap at $21USD. Has anyone tried it? [1]: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__44693__Quanum_2_4Ghz_3ch_Pistol_Grip_Tx_Rx_System.html


its not as good as gt-2b

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Horrible binding issues.

@onloop @psychotiller That’s too bad; I was hopeful that it might be a decent alternative to GTB2 for folks who don’t want to do the Badwolf mod :cry:

ive been using a gt-2b unmodified since day one… i couldn’t give a F it looks big / bulky etc… i’m not in it for the vanity!.. however i am eagerly awaiting the NEW VESC remote

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Yeah, It was maybe the single most frustrating period of time for me trying to get those pieces of crap to bind consistently…or at all

Someone could try the small generics that are popping up on Amazon? They may work

Ooooooooo. The “NEW VESC” Remote, what is it? Tell me more please.

@treenutter I actually just bought one of those Quanum transmitters for science. haven’t tried it yet but I’ll let you know. I don’t know how i will go with no perpetual Steez button though.

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@onloop Is this ready to be shipped out?

No… still testing. … needs some fine adjustments. Mostly software related.

Have got one and it works well since 4 weeks. First binding was a bit tricky, you have to hold the power button at the remote while switching on the board until you hear 3 beeps. Then it’s done. Didn’t know that before though…:wink:


@lowGuido awesome! Please let us know how it goes! Ya; I’d miss perpetual Steez but maybe the “gas pedal” feeling is cool. Note @elkick 's comment about binding below. @psychotiller had a bad experience binding these, but maybe they’ve improved since.

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I will be looking forward to seeing them when they get here.

I have this remote and it’s reliable but kinda looks like a hand gun when in hand. The only thing I don’t like about it is changing out the batteries.(none rechargeable type)


Man! Wish I would have known that…Haha. I kid I kid, that never worked.

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