What is the best 63 mm motor for 12s out there right now?

So this time instead of just opening up a new topic I have spent all morning scrolling and researching and there doesn’t seem to be anything recent so I still am none the wiser.

What is the best motor on the market right now for a dual belt set up running 12s? I currently have twin SK8 6374 192 kv on a steet set up with 218 trucks and apart from a dead hall sensor on one they are performing well and have been for 4 months on 10s but I am upgrading my battery to an @TinnieSinker 12s 4p and I thought in for a penny in for a pound and in the spirit of builds everywhere why stop there? What about 6380 from @torqueboards or the 6384 monsters that @Eboosted used on a build?

Thoughts please

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You have managed to fit two SK8 6374 on TB218? I was under the impression that they were far longer than 74mm so they didn’t fit. I’m also doing the same as you with using a battery from @TinnieSinker

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I think you want a higher kv on 12s. I’m not sure on that, I’m very new to all this. But I feel like I just read a conversation about this topic in the last 48 hours.

Stick with the motors you have currently if you’re looking for a higher top speed. Get around 170kv if you’re looking for more torque.


Generally the higher the voltage, the lower your kV should be

I personally like 12s on 190kv as that gets you upto about 60km/h with ease


What sort of gearing and wheel size to achieve this?


Yeah they are a very tight fit but doable. The rear bearing is outside of the can which makes them longer than 74 but the stator size is the same. It leaves about 5mm between them and with the longer reverse mount plates they do flex a bit so i’m currently fabricating some braces for them to keep them solid

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Good to know I’ve been reading too much and I must have had it backwards


I running 12s, 195kv 6355, 97mm wheels and 2.7:1 gear ratio. Top speed ~55km/h but it could easily be more if I lowered my gearing.

Build threads here


This tells you what the ideal kv is for the type of battery you have.

It says in the link that for 12s, 170kv is the most ideal, any higher and you lose to end performance. As for which is the best brand, well that’s likely different for many people. I recently got the Torque Boards 6380’s @170kv and they are amazing. They actually are 6384’s, but they were able to save some space and make them more compact. Hope that helps :smile:

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Just what I was after with this thanks Real world experience with the different options… must admit I am leaning toward the tb 6380 as the whole point of the upgrade is to achieve the performance I want without having the settings at potentially damaging levels as I have to with the 10s. I want torque and speed but primarily torque as the board will hit 50kmh now and that really is the limit with how I like my trucks set up. It will be nice to have the option to fly though…

To be honest if you want to feel more torque even a big ass 6380 won’t be much different than a 6355 as long as you ride on flat surface. From my experience bigger motors won’t give you faster acceleration, they will give more torque only so I’d be noticeable when riding up a hill, launching from a really bad terrain or launch better when off roading, I’d also help if you are a big buy 120kg or so. Bigger motors also have the disadvantage of more weight.

If you are looking for faster acceleration then upgrade to 12S, that’s is really an amazing upgrade, cheaper than a set of new motors.

You should try to get 60km/hr final speed on your boards, use the esk8 calculator and select from you hardware from there.

Once upon a time I wanted the board with the highest torque ever, I went down to a really torquey pulley setup and a reeaaaaly low final speed, 200kv 6384 motors, 12T motor pulley, 72T wheel pulley on 12S battery and 200mm pneumatics, I though it was going to be a fun board, the launch from a dead stop was a little better but the overall riding experience sucked balls, the peak torque was too narrow on the powerband, just a glitch of full torque, the top speed uncontrollable when lifting the throttle, top much drag up top, the small motor pulley skipped like mad.

So my final word on it would be to look for 60km/hr final speed, use 14T wheel pullies minimum, choose the correct motor size not for the acceleration but for the battery discharge current capability and consider weight, 12s has a bad reputation but gives you plenty of power to play with, all my electronics have been working fine on 12s for a really long time in everyday abuse.

Hope I could be of some help to people around here trying to choose their hardware


Thanks @Eboosted! Speaking of 12s, do you have a discharge bms in use with your setups? What would you say is a safe setting for vescs as I’ve read thats usually what blows due to the 12s batteries haha

No. Only one of my 12s builds has a BMS for discharge, the others have bms for chaging only. I had too many close calls because of the BMS shutting power down braking on full battery no matter if it’s runing a 10s or 12s. The one with bms for discharging is charged up to 50v not 50.4v and does not trigger power shot down.


Oh so the bms cutting power off the the vescs is a reaponse to over charging? What bms do you use? Can that be programmed not to happen?

Thanks man real helpful, I am using 6374 now so not much point in the upgrade then? The new battery is 12s 4p 30Q and my goal was to get some good hill climbing ability with my fat ass 110kg without running everything as high as I can go therefore risking blowing components.
Also if I go buying new motors then I will have two spare laying around and with the two vescs I have laying around and the 10s battery from the original board I could effectively build …you see where I’m going with this lol Thanks again

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Now really is that in the spirit of the building ethos? Encouraging me not to buy new stuff? :wink:

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@dareno - No need… In San Francisco, I would typically only ride with Dual 6355 190KV with 12mm belts on 12S… Climbs everything except for hills with stairs (those ones you don’t even want to go up).


@torqueboards considering it was your motors I was going to go for that is valued information indeed!! I do live in a very hilly area too so hence the 12s

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Man this thread has me going back and forth again on whether to go 10 or 12s for my build… I thought I decided 10s because I’m really not in a situation where replacing parts world be easy for me if my focbox was to blow running 12s. But at the same time I don’t wanna put $1500+ into a board that doesn’t satisfy me… I’ve got 190kv 6374 motors and am 200lb with my pack. Pretty flat town.

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