What is the Best Battery Charging Solution?

Hey, all. Without doing the math, I originally went for a 6S 2A balance charger, because it was cheap, like 20$… but now I’m regretting it because with my 12S2P 5000mAh setup and parallel charging, it looks like it is going to take 15-30 hours to charge those mother—s.

Right now I all I could find on the sub is the Turnigy Reactor, but it’s like 100$+, and basically I’m thinking that LiPo chargers like this should not be that expensive.

How do you guys charge your batteries?

It definitely shouldn’t take 15 hours to charge. Assuming you’re charging 10ah at 2amps, it should only take you 4-5 hours at most

I’m charging 12 2S 5aH batteries in parallel, so it would be like 60aH? Regardless, 5 hours is far too long, ideally 1 hour approx.

Ah I see, yea it’s charging slow due to lower voltage. You should just connect 3 of them in series and charge at 6s with 2 packs. Slower charging is better. You could charge each 6s pack in an hour with a 5A charger, but you’ll most likely only find 4A chargers out there, which will still be fairly fast. Like I said though, slower charger is much better for the battery. I don’t know about your situation, but i rarely ever go from 100 to 0 to do a full charge. In fact my battery’s never been below 20%. Only takes me 2~ hours to charge my pack. I’m running 10s @ 10ah

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I’m using a 5A charger, but the maximum W is 50, so for each 6s pack I would only be putting out 2A, so it would take 2.5hrs per pack. or 10 hours altogether.

I’ve heard of people using constant power supplies with a BMS, but the BMS is huge once you get up to 12S, and definitely not worth putting on the e-board.

I think the turnigy reaktor is the best bet there is… u can apply to search for used ones on ebay… and once a new listing is there, you will receive an email…

I think there were some in pretty decent shape for about ~50usd +/- shipping… Though, you also need a power supply but I think you can modify a PC one, if you dont intend to carry it around with you and charge outside of home…

Btw - there’s also this program called ‘‘Calc RC’’ It is quite useful as it allow to calculate the wattage and time it would take to charge the batteries!

Just for to see an other possibility: I charge my 10s 5100 mAh battery with a dual charger 2 x 100 W in 1 hour.

I have to seperate the 2 x 5s lipos with this connector at first:

and that’s how I charge:

The only problem is the price of the charger. But I use it for many rc batteries so I need it.

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Dosnt have to be huge ? :slight_smile:


hope this awesome thing is available soon!

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I think the design is open sourced on this forum have a search on “raphael” bms

yah i know, i ment pre assembled and ready to go version to buy. I mean I´m good with soldering cables and small things, but this pcb is next lvl shit :smiley:

Meanwell power supply and do 12s all in series at 400 watts with one main battery plug. Use 12$ battery medic like device for balancing on the side. 30min. Still at 1c charge rate.

What’s the typical price for such unit?

Does it beat this:


As it is 6s charger, you will have to split the pack… and max charge per pack will be 10A + a PSU is still needed…

I think it has enough amps (10A for each 5-6s’’ pack would equal to 2c for 5ah pack, 1c for 10ah pack)

Of course I take maximum ratings but I think the charge time would not be that bad, when charging at 1c…

At what amps do you charge? Im running 6s, so cannot tell by sight how much that would be… :smiley:

I charge at 1C, that’s 5100mA. For one hour charging I would need in theory 2 x 107 watts (5s X 4,2V X 5.1 A) Just have 2 x 100 watts, so maybe it needs a bit longer, but usually I don’t run them completely empty.

Thanks for response. So yeah, each ‘‘module’’ of 100w, delivers about 5A… which seems correct.

About 10A in total then…

What PSU do you use? Do you have a commercial one? I assume… it runs 200w+ (to supply the 100 x 2)

@Okami are u asking me? The meanwell is maybe 60$ This thing you put up seems nice maybe but I’d much rather have a single plug that does 50.4 volts.
And these cheap things on the side to see what’s happening and balance. 400 watts at 50.4. I’m sure there’s other bulk chargers that could do way more watts too. I forget what model I have…nothing catchy

yeah, it was directed at you, sorry for not ‘‘marking the reply’’.

I agree it can be more convinient to have just one setting and that’s all. Though, if someone has more than one battery to charge, it is probably nicer if there are some options to regulate the voltage / current.

My dual output charger runs AC/DC, so it has a build in power supply. At DC it has 200/100 watts, at AC 100/100 but also I can change to 200/0 watts or 150/50 watts and everything between.