What is the best c rating for my esk8

when I was building my board the batteries sat around for a long time and 2 of 5 cells are dead I have tried to bring them back but nothing works. I am looking for new batteries and I found these. is the c rating on these good or should it be higher.

Should be higher. You need roughly 120+ continuous on lipos because they are often over stated.

right now I’m running 2 5s 5000mah 25c packs but I’m looking for 6s should I 2 of these.

That’s better. Here is the calculation: 5ah x 20c = 100 amp continuous. Which should be alright. Try and get 25c if you can.

Ive always wondered… is there to much c?? or is it what your esc/vesc can handle??

The more the merrier (generally higher “c” batteries are heavier and more expensive though). Put really basically, c rating tells you the continuous amp discharge that a battery can provide; having a c rating that is too low will make a lipo sag, heat up, and/or puff. The “c” just means capacity, so 10c means that your max continuous discharge rate is 10 times the pack’s capacity. For example, a 10c 5000mah (5ah) pack, would have a continuous discharge rate of 50 amps (50000mah)*.

*Keep in mind that lipo manufacturers (very) often overstate their c ratings.

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yes I bought two of those batteries but I am running them in parallel so its fine if you are only going to run one then no don’t get those or if your running two in series then no don’t get them

ok thank you

but say if you have an 120 amp esc and you are putting 150 amps through it (5ah 30c), would the esc heat up or blow??

The 150a is the max your battery can handle continuously. You are almost never pulling that amount on an esk8. You’d likely have 150a momentary spikes, but only pull something like 20a continuous (all depending on your setup), so having a battery that can handle 150a shouldn’t heat up (the battery) much, if noticeably at all.

120a esc with a 5ah 30c battery would work well for most setups (your amp draw depends on what your motor demands from your esc, and how much of that your battery can supply)

rule of thumb: more amps = more heat

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