What is the best cell for eboard

Hi How are you everyone What is the best cell for you and why

VTC6 if i had the moneyz

I would reccomend 30q’s for me they are the best bang for the buck

The 30q look the same

I thin LG HG2 gives best value

Samsung 33G. Highest capacity per dollar. :money_mouth_face: But I never tried them. :smile:

I could go either way on this…as 30q are only marginally better then hg2’s in terms of performance.

On the other hand while 30q have quite a long lifespan. I have had mixed results with hg2 over the years since ~2014, some batches last for ever, some need replacing after only a couple hundred cycles.

Nowadays the cost of the two is also the same or pennies apart. The only way I’d use hg2 is if there was a stock shortage on 30q… And even then I’d rather step down to the 25R with less capacity and cost, with similar life cycle to 30q if I needed amperage for a build.

Not to say lg2 is a bad cell. But some of us go through hundreds of charge cycles a year…I would expect a 2-3 year lifetime out of a pack(900-1300 charges) not 200-500 like I’ve seen in hg2’s…

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There is a greater price Gap between those two than you mentioned. I bought LG HG2 in packs of 6 for 17.5 dollars and the 30Q costs 22 dollar for 6. That is sekunder 28% cheaper

You must buy from nkon to get good prices

Likely fake then. The market is littered with fake hg2’s.

But yea I doubt that your getting authentic cells for $2.91/p only buying a six pack…

It’s verrified brand cells. They are from China and because of a brand issue they can not sell them with LG on but they are original. I will test them when I get them. They are tested by external reviewers and verrified by AliExpress as a genuine seller

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@nikoli280 Show us the source! :wink:

100% New Original HG2 18650 3000mAh battery 18650HG2 3.6V discharge 20A dedicated For LG Electronic cigarette Power battery http://s.aliexpress.com/vMfqyyAZ?fromSns=Copy to Clipboard

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Fake. 80c at 10a. Multiple people have been ripped off. Don’t use these for anything high drain.

Which cells are the most stable in use? (a level discharge curve)

Best cells are 30Qs, HG2 and VTC6.

VTC6 has the least sag. 30Q has the best cycle life. HG2 came last in both categories.

VTC6 is 2x the cost of 30Qs but insignificant improvement so just get 30Qs.

In the US, get it fast from IMRbatteries. Or ru.nkon for cheap (3 weeks shipping)