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What is the best electric skateboard?

I recently found this site called SLANT…

it’s a pretty cool concept where people can comment about products… sort of like a forum but maybe more concise

anyway one of the topics is

“What is the best electric skateboard?”


cool concept, but sucks that your board got all those bullsh*t comments…

honestly, who goes out and says “today, I’m going to go hate on some electric skateboard that I don’t own and don’t know anything about, just to screw around with the owner, and piss people off”

I mean posting a chipped paddle board paddle and saying it was your deck chipped!? WTF

people sometimes…

Yeah, its pretty sad that some people get fulfillment out of being an internet troll, I’ve got a pretty good idea of who is behind it, it’s very childish behaviour! Its seems this person has a pretty notorious reputation for being a troll towards nearly everyone they encounter online.

They don’t have any respect for what some of us are trying to achieve from our garages! People like that eventually end up living fairly sad lives trying to be heros of the internet.

Eventually the truth about my products will filter through the shit.


could it be our little friend happily producing torqueboard’s mounts on ES, and basically trying to ruin all the well established people in the community? the world may never know…

But in all seriousness, I completely agree: if you make great stuff, the supporters will always overpower the troll, making his efforts futile.

That damaged CF image is also the second hit on google when searching “carbon fiber board damage”. I know you already found where it came from, just thought I’d share.

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Probs that guy. Lol. I definitely don’t want to have those qualities in life. He doesn’t have manners.

LOL. Some people hey?
Thats a pretty low act. But every one will find the teuth eventually.

They emailed me to say image has been deleted.