What is the best ESC(setup) to use?

I am curious about which is best setup to use in a high powered 12s8p board. Flipsky dual FSESC 6.6 or Focbox unity? Or their respective dual-single variants? Which would be better to use

the unity is a little bit more refined whereas I’ve heard a couple issues with the fsesc 6.6. personally I’d go unity

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I agree, Unity all the way


I’m running a 12s8p 30q battery I made right now with a Unity and to be honest it has surpassed my expectations.


When does voltage sag start for your pack? Or have you not found that point yet :joy:

flipsky FSESC6.6 is okay, but focbox unity is better andmore refined. also better cooling.

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Depends on when you need your esc also, flipsky isn’t selling “preorders”

What kv are the motors?

According to Barbara from the flipsky team the 6.6 is still rated to a 100,000 erpm, and according to the unity team they hit 130,000erpm without it blowing.

Also flipsky 6.6 you can use the vesc tool and FOCBOX Unity you have to use the unity ui or the app.

Best esc is probably the trampa vesc, Vedder himself helped developed

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While I don’t want to say you shouldn’t believe flipsky… Are we suuuure they can actually hit that?

I feel much safer in the hands of blasto and deodand

E: I wonder if their esc blew at 100000 or, like with the unity, did it hit it’s max and then remain useable.

Ee: I also feel like as we progress and create better and more impressive escs, that erpm won’t be as important or as noteworthy a factor. I know some people like crazy setups, but for the lay person I don’t see an ermp value of 130000 ever being hit(if they build using commonly used and found parts)

I wonder what the next thing to look for will be

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I’d still use the 20% headroom rule, 130,000 was the max they reached but didn’t specify for how long of a load.

If I knew I would have had to wait 6 months for my unity preorder I would have ordered a flipsky 6.6 and a unity, be riding with the flipsky 6.6 and then switch it to the unity of it ever comes in.

If money was a non-issue I’d be running quad vesc75s.


What’s voltage sag?

Lol :wink:


Damn I can’t wait for no voltage sag :sob::sob::sob: June can’t come fast enough


What battery are you used to? Cause I never really had too much voltage sag on my 12s4p till around 20-30% battery left. My old 10s3p sags alot but maybe has to do with it being 3 years old now but still works.

Well I’ve had a

Samsung 10s2p 30q( haven’t ever ridden it… Lol. It’s coming to life soon).

Samsung 10s5p 22p - the Diyeboard pack, while not bad it was certainly sag heavy.

Enertion space cell pro 4 - I really don’t think I had a battery that would have met the standards of anyone. I got 10 miles from that max no matter what motor configuration (dual 190 6355, dual mad 130kv hubs)

I’m really hoping this will be the battery that crushes it all.


Oh dude you will be blown away haha

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Same boat as you, once I finally get my escs in I’ll be able to run my 12s3p and 12s8p of 30qs and get to get rid of the 10s5p diyeboard battery