What is the best thickness of ABS sheet for thermoforming?

I think I have seen something about this question in a thread, but cannot locate it. I was thinking of using 2mm sheet for my enclosure, and maybe a vacuum table. Is that enough? too much?

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1/8" would be the best thickness. I just bought a 1/8" sheet from eBay. Will be forming in hopefully in the week to come.

I used 2mm but it cracks somewhere all the time.

Ok, thank you, So 3mm seems to be the minimum and the best compromise weight/durability.

I use 3mm and its been fine in the few days I’ve been riding. I stick my components to the deck with velcro so its not supporting any weight. Having said that, I’m sure it’ll hold the weight of my 3 lipos and vesc but I’m also sure that this will affect its durability (only securing it with 2 bolts for on/off convenience) so you’ll need more bolts and make sure its tapered to the board to minimise vibrations.

What I found was that I went OTT with tightening one of the bolts and its cracked as a result so make sure you secure it but don’t go crazy.

@fottaz did some tests with different thick abs sheets and he´s doing 3mm now i think like mine. Feels perfect! Strong enought to keep everything in place and safe, but still not too thick and a bit flexy

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Yeah, nice that you liked It @TarzanHBK, Torben :slight_smile: . I tried 4mm the First time, was so hard to form and not very easy. I think It really depends on the pump, and the heater too.

3mm Is the best deal, and in my opinion if it Is Flex would e better, this will help to follow the decks shape.

My First attempt with 4mm was a very ugly bastard fail compared to my last enclosures :grin::metal:

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@jga it depends on ABS quality too, obviously

3mm it is perfect, and if it’s flexible should be better!!! @Tuomalar wont break that easy :wink:

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2mm is very easy to shape but it doesn’t like sharp 90 degree corners etc. because those doesn’t flex very well. I still have 100cm x 90cm piece of that sheet so i’ll try with some different shapes when i have time for that.

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With 3mm Is harder to get 90° too…but with 2mm would be easier, try to place something 2-3mm thick under the shape…but It needs to be smaller than the mold, so the air will flow also under it… the pump is not strong enough too maybe?