What is the best way to setup a 10s3p battery

Trying to figure out how to align the batteries and where to place the tabs to achieve a 10s3p samsung 30q with the bms. I want it to be as slim as possible. I made a png to get a idea of what i’m going for…

I use this setup for 30 cells (6s5p):

Here is how it looks on the board:

Looks pretty good man, but i’m trying to make it as thin as possible. Would this way heat of those parallel cells more ? Or is that not how science works? lol

Yes, got your point, my setup actually is not thin at all, but I wanted the battery to take less space on the deck, so that I can hold the deck more comfortably, without the battery in the middle. Your setup should be thinner.

I usually connect cells in parallel first, and then do sequential connections. But I do this, because I use imax b6 balance charger and I need a wire going from each S (in my case there are 5P in each S) pack going to the imax b6 charger besides the main plus and the main minuss.

So I think the BMS connection should include some extra wires, not just + and - . Have you already chosen the BMS you are going to use with your battery pack? It should have the connection instructions.

Yeah I was thinking of this bms, http://www.ebay.com/itm/36V-37V-42V-10S-60A-Lithium-ion-Li-ion-Li-Po-LiPo-Polymer-Battery-BMS-PCB-System-/221769582503?hash=item33a27f47a7:g:VV0AAOxywCJRa-m2

What are your opinions on it?

Which of the 3 parallel packs does those white balance leads connect too? Or does it matter?

Also I have this switch diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/electric-skateboard-on-off-power-switch/

I dont wire it to the bms correct ? I wire it between the bms and the esc ?