What is the best way to waterproof an esk8?

Hi! I’m still new to the Eboard game here, but I’ve ordered some parts for my first build and while I wait for them to ship I’m wondering what some people think the best way to waterproof an esk8 might be. I’ve seen all sorts of plastic and ABS housings on this forum, but do some work better than others? What about waterproofing the motor itself? I want to build a board that will last, especially if I ride through the occasional puddle. What are your guys’ thoughts?

Everything besides the motor should be doable to make waterproof. But I’m not sure about the motor itself. A recent video on Jacobs Youtube channel just mentioned that the enertions do have a special coating to make them (semi (the windings)) water/splashproof. Dunno about the sk3, but I doubt it.

I thought that I read somewhere that brushless outrunner motors were fine if they got splashed with water. Might have to look more into that.

there are no open/bare contacts like a brushed motor, so theoretically they are completely waterproof (as long as the bearings are waterproof). in practice though, water can/will damage them over time.

use ceramic bearings. Then your motors will be fine for the most part. I’ve ridden through rain quite a few times with my r-spec II and never had any issues.

Most brushless motors shouldn’t have a problem being dipped in water. You can waterproof your vesc, receiver and battery using corrosion-x and plastidip.

Bearings however, dont really like water in the long term. EDIT like @mentioned: Ceramic bearing of course could help if you have the spare change. But there are also bearings inside the motor where you most probably not find ceramic versions of.

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Has anyone had experience with an sk3 getting wet? Haven’t built my board yet, but I wanted to ride it after it rained.

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Cover everything in rtv silicone

Every brushless motor is waterproof, by design you need to use coated copper wires other way it would not work. the problem the shit that can get inside and scratch coating. Best idea is just to put the motor in enclousure.

Yes I have rode my 5055 sk3 in the rain 5 times. It wasn’t always raining but the ground was wet. The motor can get we all it wants its just that the water caries dirt and particles. So you don’t want those. Those will mess with the bearings and posssibly cling to the magnets. So when I’m done I wipe off the motor and than wash it with distiller water.

Silicon lubricant should also help to avoid rust but it will collect the dirt, as you said water won’t do a shit to brushless motor the only concern is dirt and particles. Stainless steel mesh ( 32-60 density and even 100 or 300) should do the job allowing proper ventilation, you can create a housing with bended stainless steel wire or so. This should protect your engine against any dirt, particles or small rocks. You can cut stainless steel mesh of that density with scissors and than hotglue it to the wire.

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If water and dirt is a super big issue you can get a brushless rc bost motor. They are sealed.

It’s not only about inside of motor i think. And not only rc bost motor are waterproof, every single brushless motor needs to insulated inside to work. And btw great idea to buy new motor when you have one instead of creating a cover for 5$.

I know the stator is insulated and same with the windings, its just that the bearings are out of stainless steel and as we know that can rust just like the bearings on your board. Simply making a cover would maybe work. A cover to keep 100% of dirt out would probably over heat the motor and burn it out plus make it less efficient. Boat motors have a water cooling system to keep the sealed and efficient.

Thats why i came up with idea of using high density stainless steel or aluminium mesh like this http://www.twpinc.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/s/_/s_s-100_004550078awebready_1.jpg It’s enough to protect it from dirt and water in normal conditions.

Doesn’t it require additional water pump and heatsink when it comes to a skateboard?

Honestly all I used was some weatherproofing strips and Spray-On Flex seal (obviously covered the motors for the spray lol) as long as u don’t get the flex seal on the motors your good. My board has gone through an entire Minnesota winter and the aftermath (think MASSIVE potholes filled with water) and it came out unscathed. My motors are like 90% sealed tho and the vents it has keep stuff out from centrifugal force.