What is the change of using kegels in Carvon v3?

Good night guys, I saw at Carvon’s instagram the mini verson of the Carvon v3, hope that it have a higher kv and be possible with 6s, just like Carvon V2. Also I saw that the part that fits the flywheel can be removed so I tought, “Let’s make a 3d project and put at the Cnc and Lathe” and I just asked myself, “Does someone thought about it?” So I really wanna know if someone is interested in it too, maybe @RunPlayBack can help us to contact Carvon


but this file is ment to be made out of plastic, you have to change some dimensions if using metal (the teeth between the magnets for example are slightly thicker than required for a presss fit).

Thanks, Carvon Guy (Can’t remember his name) post a pic saying that is possible to change that part, I think he will sell the Kegel adapter

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so this was only a joke?

Nope, because I don’t saw the post that he showed that we will can change the adapter, so we would have to make out owns. But now at the Instagram he said that will be possible and I think he will sell it