What is the difference between those motors ? and are Torquebords motors are good?

Hey guys, so im on the verge of buying my gear (finally !!!) and im trying to understand the difference betweenn @torqueboards motors The first one is TorqueBoards E-Power 6355 190KV Motors (Link) the other one is Electric Skateboard Motor 6355 230KV 2650W (Link) My Build spec is: 8s 12000mAh 35c (4 LiPol Batterys) or 10s4p (lion batterys) @torqueboards VESC 16t motor pully 36t wheel pully 83 mm wheels

what is the best motor out of the two ? are those motors any good ? what motor mount size i need to take ?63mm or 50mm ?

soory for all of the quastions but with this kind of project evrey mistake is time and money :slight_smile:


most important number on a motor is the KV rating. This rating will tell you how many rotations the given motor will do, ex. 190Kv = for ea volt given it will rotate 190 times in a minute (rpm).

so, depending on your batery setup… if you have a higher voltage ( mre batteries in serie) then you’ll be needing a lower KV rating on your motor to achive the same speed as you would have to on a lower voltage system.

higher KV rating = more rotations for ea volt but also less torque, so less acceleration.

ps, with 10S i’d defenatly take the 190Kv motor.

bigger motors have bigger magnetic field, thus more torque for the same amp draw as smaller motors.

the 190kv nnotor is bigger, there for he has more power ?

Either the picture or the text is wrong on the 190kv motor. Both motors are listed as 6355 (same size), but the picture shown looks to be a 6372 motor. @torqueboards!

i think thats why im confused as well! and there is no real spec for the 190kv motor

Say we have two 190Kv motor’s A and B. A is 50mm and B is 63mm.

Both will have the same max torque, but B will need to draw far less amps to achieve that maximum. less amps also means running cooler.

Anyone, feel free to correct me if i’m wrong though.

and bigger range ? :grin:

yes, ofc. Since more current draw = faster depletion of your battery.

@RomR - The TB E-Power Motors 6355 170KV and 190KV are with a better improved retaining rings and the biggest stator you can fit on a 55mm length motor which is 52.8mm * 30mm. This motor should put out 2200 watts at peak. All upgrades are still at the same price point.

Our 6355 230KV is pretty much out of stock and we will bring this back later.

I would suggest if you plan on using VESC, The 6355 190KV will be your best bet. We should have them in stock in about 1.5 weeks or so.

Our motors fit 12mm wide belts perfectly with a 20mm keyway, 2x flat spots, 2x c-clips, recessed motor c-clip.

The current photo will be similar to our 6355 motor just with 190KV.

Personally, I’d only suggest 5055 for a dual 50mm setup on 6S/8S/10S.

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The bigger motor will have more max torque. The smaller will try but can’t and therefore get hotter and just being smaller it will have less area to disperse the heat.

I have the @torqueboards 6355 230kv motor and love it. More than enough for my needs.

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