What is the minimum enclosure clearance that is recommended?

Hi guys, I am planning a build with a bulky enclosure.

What is the minimum enclosure clearance from the ground I would need?

Here are the specifications of the board.

Loaded poke deck.

180 mm trucks (axle center height 64 mm)

83 mm wheels.

60 mm thick enclosure.

Risers ( Haven’t decided on the thickness, would probably go with 1 angled and one shock pad for the front trucks, and equal thickness for the back)

I am going for a thicker enclosure as the wheelbase is only 21 inches and I want to fit a large battery inside. So far I have calculated that i would have about 57mm clearance with a 1/2 inch riser. Would it be enough?

I am trying to keep the ride height to a minimum (smaller deck) so I would like to use as little riser pads as possible.

If you’re not planning on going over any speed bumps then you can get away with around an inch I’d say…

If you’re only every going to be riding over smooth tarmac then that could be even less!

I live in a city so speed bumps are plenty. Do you reckon 2 inches would be enough for those pesky bumps? My board is not very long so that should help a little

If that’s the case then I’d say not… best go measure these bumps you intend to ride over to check the clearance to be honest. You can guestimate, but you might be wrong…

Does anyone know what is the average or standard clearance for the enclosure that builders try to keep to?

there is no standard, its all conditional and based on what you can build and what parts you can source. My philosophy on it is to make sure your enclosure is above your hangers on your trucks. If its below that you’re going to have issues.

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My enclosure on my deck is around 40mm giving me 55mm clearance with 97mm wheels. (no risers)

I’ve made a couple of other moulds for some deeper enclosures. About 55mm deep which is probably as deep as I would like to go. This one is untrimmed.


Nice! The enclosure I am going to use looks like the last 2 pictures. Do you have any more close up shots of it under a board?

I’ve not mounted one on a board yet. I can mock one up though, give me a mo.

Kegel orangatangs 80mm ,1/2" risers. 50mm clearance.

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That looks pretty acceptable :grinning:

Thanks for the pics:)

No worries. If you want an enclosure made drop me a pm.