What is the most reliable remote for vesc?

Hi, I am trying to find a cheap & reliable wireless remote controller for VESC. Any recommendations? Thank you

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Maytech is okay. Vx2 is okay. But cheap, I don’t know much


Hoyt puck. I prefer the PPB version by derelictrobotindustries.com


The Mini Remote is cheap and pretty good.


What he said.

Agreed. I had several and mini, despite how it looks, is best

I had to literally send the spintend remote through the washing machine to kill it and it was fine for a few hours before glitching and not fully booting.

After you machine wash remote cut the battery lead I learned.

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Thank you for the link. Those are all sold out and the tag price of $250+ is pretty high…

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Ordering the Vx2. Do you find it Same/Less/ More reliable than the wired ones? I will be riding up to 20 miles an hour. I have only used wired ones in the past.

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vx1 seems reliable but keep it away from phones. I found cheap phones to interfere with the radio. Also easily blocked by flesh/cf

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vx1 or vx2? I am assuming they both are compatible with Vesc

They are only 150. You were looking at the osrr which is next level remote

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I have had nothing but problems with the vx1. Almost got me killed.

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Good to know about vx1 reliability. I need to get one quickly for testing for now. Looked at the osrr good stuff!

Same but with the torqueboard mini.

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I changed my remote to the hoyt puck. So I can’t really answer that in all honesty.


I just ordered hoyt Puck PCB for testing. Thanks for the recommendation!

If you don’t mind trigger. The mini is probably the most reliable remote I have ever used.

You had problems with the mini for real?

Unfortunately yes. I was going 35mph and was going for a turn and was trying to slow down, but the remote registered my input as “pushing the gas” and not “pulling the brakes”.

Let’s just say I now know what a concussion is and how it feels.

This was very frequent and then it acts like the battery is drained, even though the batteries are fresh and brand new (fully charged).

I still have the dang thing.