What is this little ring purpose?

Hi guys! When I bought this Turnigy motor I also got the little ring you see in the pictures that can be fixed on the shaft with a little screw. But how can I use it? Of course it has to have some kind of purpose but I haven’t found it out (so far).

Suggestions will be greatly appreciated :upside_down_face:


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Tried to view the image but it doesn’t load. Could you try re-uploading? :smiley:


yes please, upload the picture again we can´t see it

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Yeah I noticed, I’ve re-uploaded them :slight_smile:

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Done :slight_smile:

Very odd piece. Unfortunately never seen that shipped with a motor before. At least the ones I ordered from Maytech didn’t though. looks it was to be used as a pulley sorts but no teeth for that purpose. My best guess is it was an error on the manufacturer’s part that left it there by accident. Doesn’t appear to serve any purpose for us as far as I can observe

I also haven´t seen it before. could be some kind of distance holder. I don´t know of any purpose for it. important just that there is this black circle ring behind on the shaft.

y’all it’s a shaft coupler… it replaces a c clip

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Distance holder could be a good guess. Can’t be sure tho

Can you be a little more specific? Thank you

That’s usually used to prevent the motor can/axis from moving when there is no circlip. Since this motor has a circlip, that ring is not needed. The SK8 for example needs a modification like this.


Don’t really think so, if you buy the replacement pack you’ll still get one of these.

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shaft collar


Ok understood. It makes sense, thank you

ah thats strange indeed. I haven’t come across those rings yet while going through the other community posts. sorry if i can’t give any more insight :slightly_frowning_face:

oh… lol guess thats why you generally don’t see them packaged together with other motors

I think it’s for reverse mounting the shaft.

How exactly?

@Static has the correct part. They are used to hold stuff at a certain point upon a shaft or to keep it from sliding further down. You don’t need it, but an RC vehicle might.

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If you google “reverse mount SK3 shaft” you will probably be able to see.