What is Trampa trucks compatible deck alternatives?

Hi guys, I got bit tired of flex in my deck at higher speed, I feel like shaker with 15 ply deck… I thinking of getting maybe 17 ply but still would like something stiffer maybe there is an alternative which I haven’t seen yet.

You can buy something on their site that just mounts to your deck and stiffens it

Yeah but somehow i dont trust this kind of stuff :smiley:


I think mbs is compatible in most cases.

Flexbridge… Works a treat to stiffen things up, while torsional stiffens is not impacted to much. You can mount two flex bridges side to side if that is needed. Or get a 17 Ply deck from us. I don’t think that you will find a lot of alternatives offering 35° steering angle. Wooden decks usually offer only 20°, since the wood is not easy to bend that much, which will result in poor steering characteristics. Wood also tends to get more flexy after a while of use since the wooden fibres weaken over time. Also water and moisture is an issue on the long run. We can proudly say that we offer a life time warranty for our decks and you can clean the entire board with a waterjet (at least the non non electric boards). I’m pretty sure that you will find someone wanting a 15 Ply. Your deck should be easy to sell.


Hey Kugey, I think running duel 6384 motors you have surpassed the design specification of what the trampa deck was designed for. From my experience and that of others once you get up over 50kmh, say 60kmh just coming off the throttle can start to cause torsional bucking/flex. Essentially you are loading the deck up with all the energy it takes to propel you forward and then it is released when the load is taken away. If you where just falling down a hill this issue does not arise. Front wheel drive might limit this. A similar thing happens or any driven deck and is why people go for downhill decks to go fast. The Trampa deck is a awesome all terrain/free style deck designed to take big hits and carve it up in the dirt. Use it and love it for what it is is my recommendation.

My trampa is 17ply, so was the late RIP @BigBoyToys, and we both got the “buck” BigBro couldn’t get his monster board over 40mph because he could not control the board coming off the gas.

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My max speed is 35mph but the problem is not top speed but something close to 20mph and happens when going over a small bumps on the road… Feels like the deck flexes because of too much weight for it…

@trampa I don’t really want to use those flexbridge I would better just buy new deck… Also I could use flat deck and machine alu angle adapters or etc wouldn’t be hard…

Also I will try today orange dampas and will see maybe they will fix the problems. Otherwise I will be getting new deck.

P.S. I don’t know why but for some reason my back foot is always getting numb of the angle and force its getting don’t know what to do with it maybe at slight angle footrest like the same 35º would make it better…

I run my trucks set up directional with a stiffer rear truck, this helps. I think part of the problem could be solved by dewedging the rear truck to help prevent the oscillation from the two. You could machine up a riser to take 5-10 degrees out of the rear truck? Hell if you make e’m i’ll prob. buy one :rofl:

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Directional? I mean wedge wouldn’t be hard to make… I just don’t have knowledge about those angle shits :smiley:

@Cobber : thx for dropping in.

Offtopic: I really have my concerns with boards posted on this website exceeding a certain speed. Going 50Km/h on a board is potentially deadly. Each super fast built advertises such boards. Desires are created which put people at risk.

There have been a lot of debates about helmets and safety gear. What we need is a debate about active safety in addition to passive safety features like helmets. Active safety is what you can do to prevent a crash / accident. Ridiculous fast boards dramatically impact your active safety! No one needs such a fast board. We try to promote slower boards and the fun going off-road and doing jumps etc. 35Km/h is already very fast on a board.

Don’t put people at risk by creating desires that are not healthy.

@Kug3lis, why don’t you put yourself on a train to Nottingham. You can try things out. We have plenty of boards to test ride. Benjamin and I will be there Thursday to Saturday.


I dont really ride high speeds for e.g. my top speed is like 40km/h and average less than 20km/h

The train ticket would cost more than the flexbridges :smiley: It’s bit expensive to come over

For example one of my DH deck’s has 45 degree front trucks and 25 degree rear. By having the trucks different you don’t get a oscillation back and forth multiplying the wobble, the wobbles kind of just get absorbed by the rear trucks slower rate of turn.

I think a 5-10 degree wedge to place on the rear between the deck and the trucks would do the trick, having the thick part of the wedge toward the middle of the deck will either give you more steering in the front or less in the rear.

5 degree would prob. be a good place to start, de wedge the rear and if need be wedge the front. de wedging rear will take a bit of your turn away, but you can gain it back by wedging the front if need be.

If you make some and don’t pull my pants down over the bread and honey i’ll try a couple :sunglasses:

How heavy are you? I’m 100kg on the 17ply…

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I am 83kg on ~20kg board

Jenso is your weight and likes a 16ply…

maybe try that first?

But he rides offroad most of the time… I am street person :smiley: I am trying to act like bicycle :smiley:

Maybe take a look at 1166 longboards. Maybe if you contact him he might be able to custom a deck for you.

Lacroix board perhaps?

It’s also flexible… I am trying to run away from flex :smiley: It’s annoying

I am also 183 - but 87kg - have been on StreetCarver 15ply - too much flex. Now HS11 - 17ply having 60x20700B under it - nearly no flex.

Good to know :stuck_out_tongue:

I am just curious about how to solve back feet getting numb… Because it’s handling all the torque all the time… At strange angle maybe making foot rest with angle would help I don’t know :confused: