What is Trampa trucks compatible deck alternatives?

That sounds weired to me. Do you just accelerate hard and brake slowly?

Maybe just build street board and not try to adapt something that is meant for other purpose :wink:

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There is not much available for similar setup, if I would like to go street board style I would want so deep U style deck something similar to Evo then some wide hanger (wider than tb218) to make it pretty wide and 8" wheels…

P.S. I will never going to go to urethanes :smiley:

Well who else than you with your possibilities can make a hanger as wide as possible :smiley: It would actually be easier than try to force Trampa deck to behave the way you want :wink:

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bend up a aluminium deck?

as for your rear foot, maybe try some mbs f5 bindings, or another padded binding?

I dont use bindings just plain deck with griptape :slight_smile: Which is all ok, but just i dont know maybe my stance is wrong the back food 90 to deck and front one is like 45-60 degree to front…

maybe more weight on your front foot would help both your numb rear foot and this twitch problem you have?

best way to learn is on a gravity deck IMHO

tried changing your shoes?

I haven’t ridden Trampa decks but generally most of your weight on your front foot is good for any board sport except maybe wakeboarding and powder

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I had really thin ones, so they there worst as u can feel everything, so now I got new Nike SB Zoom Air have better situation now just it gets numb after 30min of riding… Not many places to stop as the route is basically bicycle highway

Train ticket prices are a joke here

A joke you mean expensive or cheap? :smiley:

i swear by kingfoam insoles


this brand find what fits

just get the foam ones…

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expensive :slight_smile:

I think it’s high time you talked to @pat_arch about a LaCroix. Just hate flex or associated wobble?

+200lbs LaCroix would still flex but predictably so at speed, it has concave and can accomodate your clown-sized feet :rofl: https://www.lacroixboards.com/product-page/board-carbon-fiber-enclosure-prototipo

The Trampa material essentially works like a swimming pool springboard, maybe you would like the Orrsum which would not flex as much but it’s only sold as a complete.

Others have fallen in love with the Evo

You could cheap out and get a MBS like myself, very comfortable & wide and relatively free thane -junk the trucks

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You can use an MBS deck with Trampa trucks. The pro97 and the comp95 have zero flex and a similar angle (30 degrees I think), although just adding bindings may solve the problem. We’re pretty close to the same weight, and I regularly ride on street over 50kmh with no flex issues, but with a 16ply.

I dont really want to use bindings dont feel safe if something happens i will fall with whole board my case around 20kg will spin with my legs… :smiley: I am driving in central london so the traffic here is pretty dense

There another point for LaCroix recommended to ride without

I dont really like flex at all… At first I thought I like it was riding 2k km before on Evovle Carbon GT and loved it and now I think that no flex is still better on streets :slight_smile:

Yeah I hear ya, falling with bindings sucks! Had a couple falls at low speeds, but nothing fast yet (gotta invest in some more pads). Just me personally, I don’t think I’d want any camber at all if I weren’t using bindings. MBS deck might be worth a try. The off center concave on the two I listed has got a nice feel to it too. Like banjaxxed mentioned, the LaCroix deck might be a good option as well. I have one on order, looking forward to trying it out.