What is your Dream Board?

If you could build any board(s) that you want. What would it be? I’m talking unlimited resources, full access to industrial grade CNC machines, etc. I’ll start it off with mine:

1st Build: Commuter/All Round Deck - Custom made carbon fiber 34" with integrated enclosure. ESC: Ollins esc 2.0 (Based off of 6.0) Motor(s) - Dual Carvon v4 w/90mm Flywheels 75a. Battery - 10 or 12s3p 26650

I chose direct drive for my commuter purely because if I’m using this one to go to work I can’t have a belt break on me. It has to be as reliable as possible.

2nd Build: Speed Freak TBD

3rd Build: eMTB TBD

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Trampa deck, trucks and AT wheels quad chaka vescs quad 190kv 6355 motors custom LHB battery for alllllll the range

10S16P – or 10S4P4P – 18650 on a Koastal Drifter II with 107mm and dual 6374 190kv + FOCBOX and Evolve Supercarve trucks

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or this one:


Vanguard or dervish style board with a drop in full bamboo, with ronin precisions and somehow weigh the same as an analog board…

What I would give for a double drop dervish in full bamboo…words cannot explain.

Landyachtz Triple Beam [LINK] x2 Olin VESC’s [LINK] or x2 FocBox [LINK] 10s5p 30Q pack [@psychotiller] SurfRodz TKP Trucks with Quick66 motor mounts [LINK] SixShooter Pneumatic wheel set [LINK] S2 Bindings [LINK] BKB sealed 6374 190kv Motor [LINK]

If anyone wants to buy me this when they win the lottery, I would say thanks or something…maybe give you a doughnut :slight_smile:


something that could get me up any hill and go 30+ km/h and travel 25+ km. also beefy wheels like 100mm or more for Ireland’s horrible footpaths. Aesthetics are also a big thing. I would like a very slim sleek design fully black board and blue wheels. I don’t know how I would achieve this but I am sure it couldn’t be too hard

You would get a battery from @longhairedboy? I mean, his products are awesome, but you have unlimited access to high quality spot welders. I would make my own pack, it really isn’t that hard if you have the right tools.

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haha its more for the ease of mind and the warrenty :stuck_out_tongue:

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Landyachtz Evo Deck 4WD speed carvon motors( the ones that consume 5500w per dual set up ) 12s8p battery 97mm ABEc flywheels Custom 4x Olin Vesc

(Saving up for it actually waiting for the new carvons V4 or V3 speed to go back in stock in December)




A Bajaboard clone but 1/4 of the weight and price would be awesome


*Custom deck aluminum frame and designer cherry wood :sunglasses: *12s 8p Samsung 30q battery *4 sk3 190kv 6372 motors *4 focboxes *Flywheel 107’s Quick change to 8 inch mb tires

  • Trucks are the only hard part finding something strong with a 10mm axel so I can use longboard wheels. (10x22mm bearings) :disappointed:

O&H “Bromodel” sweet AF DH deck :sunglasses:

crazy deep pockets for a topmount (with the crazy mold 1/3)

ash/fibreglass/carbon construction…


Like these? https://www.surf-rodz.com/products/trucks/176mm-reverse-king-pin-truck-kit-10mm

@psychotiller would those be wide enough for side by side 6372 motors with 12mm belts? They do look sweet.

Yup! I have tkp sets on my site right now. And the rkp sets will be available early November. Both will do dual ,6374


I’m definitely going to bookmark those. Is it the 160 for a single truck though?

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For a pair.