What is your Wh/mi average?

Hello esk8 community. I want to get some answers as to what to expect in terms of range on different setups of boards. A fellow member has created a forms for everyone to enter their data. You will need you wheel diameter, gearing ratio and voltage. Link to form Thanks, Thomas


rule of thumb: 10wh/km


Low/no flex board OG Flywheels 97mm Dual diagonal 6374 190kv belt drive setup Mostly on flat ground Avg ridespeed around 17 mph, max around 25 Avg Wh/mi 13,7

Got similar values with single motor setup


I assume that is for street boards?

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Data from single focbox on a dual setup.

Hilly ride.

Dual 6374 15/36, 107mm thane, 12s

28wh/mi combined

Flat areas same setup 20wh/mi combined

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@E1Allen Is that on urethane or pneumatics?

13-14Wh per mile on 107s with 15/38t pulleys on dual 6355s.

20Wh per mile on Evolve ATs with 15/66t, same motors.

Flat areas most of the time.

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Mountainboard dual sk3 192kv. 12s. 5.33 ratio, 8" pneumatic. Im 70kg I ride around 15-25mph, asphalt flat, some moderate hills

Somewhere around 30wh per mile.

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20/32 gearing (1.6 to 1 ratio) - 90mm flywheels - 10S4P 25r - Dual 6374

  • 40A/vesc - 1440W/motor (2880W limit total): 27.5 wh/mi

  • 30A/vesc - 700W/motor (1400W limit total): 21 wh/mi

  • 30A/vesc - 600W/motor (1200W limit total): ~18-19 wh/mi

  • 30A/vesc - 150W/motor (300W limit total): 7 wh/mi


18Wh/mile when I am trying for max range.

Up to 40Wh/mile if I’m not caring about range

edit: dual 6374 setup at 10S

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On what setup?

This has got me wondering… is the @Ackmaniac app already accounting for doubling the wh/mi on dual vesc configs? Am I really getting down to 7 wh/mi when going for range with low power on two vescs? I do have two vescs set up in the app, wondering if it’s really 14 or 7 wh/mi.

Because on my 350 watt hour battery, 25 miles seems like a much better estimate for range than 50 miles. Then again, I can get around 10-12 miles on the settings that give me 27.5 wh/mi which is right on the mark for 350 watt hours, and I haven’t really range tested my low wattage mode.

If setting the app to 2 vescs it doubles Wh/km (mi) to match total. I get around 4,5 Wh/km if set to 1 vesc and 8,5 if set to 2.

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Nice, thanks for the clarification.

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100mm MBS Dual 6374 190KV Geared to 16T/36T Motor Max: 60A Batt Max: 35A About 16-17 wh/mile normally. Average about 18mph with 27mph being the highest i (willingly) go. Mix of Short and long inclines and some flatish land.

90mm dual 500W hub motors 12S Average 22mph max 29mph


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9,7W/km here, says Ackmaniac’s app, based on 150km mostly asphalt roads, half of it on winter. I need to reset the counter, since it’s been rolling on already 4 versions of my board :smiley:

266.4 wh / 25km = 10.656wh/km That’s punching gas from time to time and some hills.

6364 (9s volage) (Gearing15/36t) 190kv mono.

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150 wh / 20 km = 7.5wh/km

SK3 Motor 2100W I believe. 2x 4S Zippy 5000mAh 25C

That’s riding 0-35km/h in the city.

12-14 Wh/km (19-22 Wh/mile) on a dual drive with 6-inch pneumatics (30 psi).

Average speed of 15-20 km/h (10-13 mph). Totally flat terrain.

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