What is your Wh/mi average?

Dual 5055 190 KV 14:34 gearing 15mm belts 80mm kegels 10S 3/4 flat 1/4 hills Avg speed 17 km/h Limited top speed 33 km/h

9 Wh/Km

The app has also 3 trip counters. So you could reset one of them to count from that point on.


I would like to analyze wh/mi data better. I created a google entry form for everyone to enter their data to that we can share, use, and do statistical analysis on as a community.

Link to the data entry form

Link to data results where I will be performing analysis

You should know basic stuff like wheel diameter, how to figure out your gear ratio… etc. I have tooltip descriptions to help out if you are new and get stuck. Thanks yall!

@Trdolan03 Do you want to maybe update your original post with this link so we can gather more useful data? Thanks!

Note: I’ve compiled everyone’s data up until this point, but if you care to, please go back and add in the missing info if you have it… I will clean up the old data as the new data comes in.


Updated! 10char

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It would be best if you also put the link to the results in the main post :wink:

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I like what you’re doing. I don’t think hilly areas are included in the calculations but I know that’s a big factor. Also average riding speed. Do you think there is a way to include that information? Like mostly flat or mostly hills. Then maybe a few ranges of average riding speed like 10-15, 15-20 ect.

Please make another option for Wh/Km not just Wh/Mi

I saw this guy write 7.5 in the wh/mi and i was like What!!


I get 7.5 what/mi myself too, when limiting wattage… So I don’t doubt it.

I’ll work on it though, thanks for the suggestion

You could add the Wh/km option and then convert it before adding to the graph

Okay, now you can enter watt hour/mile or kilometer. Number in the same place, just have to select kilometer or miles and the sheet will calculate for you. It should all be working now to add in wh/mi or wh/km.

Tonight I am going to be doing some graphs to hopefully show some better trends, such as data outside 2 standard deviations from a series being filtered out. This will be on a separate sheet, so none of the other charts or data will be affected.

Since we don’t have too much data right now, a single person with huge wheels vs a bunch of others with 90-100mm wheels draws the moving average or trendline way out… i’d like to be able to look at a graph that filters out some of the oddball results for me. Even though (trying not to be bias with any of this data) I may seem to agree with the way a trendline is going, I know it doesn’t 100% make sense.

I really am the odd one out lol. The lightest person with the biggest wheels. I thought there were more mountainboard users. You might as well remove my lonely pneumatic result, keep it for solid wheels.

My max current seems to have been edited too and is now incorrect, max current is actually set to 60a on each vesc.

Fixed! Thanks for that correction. Secondly, let’s keep the value… You should be able to enter anywhere up to 999mm into the form, to account for pneumatic wheels. I can filter when making charts if necessary. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh shit, now I understand! I’ve been looking to that table like crazy. Trying to figure out why I’m using so little.

The wheel diameter is in mm and the weight is in Kg, so I had no reason to think that the distance would be in mile instead of km.

Could @skatardude10 change my (tehatheist) value from 7.5 to 12 please? That makes it correct for miles instead of km.

Nice graph. Although my wh/km shows as wh/mi :smile: But yea, yesterday i reseted a trip in ackmaniac’s app and after 20km trip with about 30km/h on an no wind, flat land, i got 14wh/km. Woah, 22wh/mi. Compared to all others, that’s bad. Must be because of the only weak point in my build, the no name chinese hub motors.

22Wh/mi isn’t that bad at all. Especially if you like pulling the throttle heavy.

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Got it, Fixed! Thanks!

First time reading comments, now I know how to do so… so people can comment if things are wrong and I should be able to find and make changes if necessary that way too.

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@Quezacotl, On the form responses sheet, you have 14wh/km. Check the calculations sheet (far right tab), and scroll all the way to the right. It translates your 14wh/km to 22.5wh/mi, and shows up as that on the graph. It looks good to me, but if this isn’t correct, let me know. 22.5 ain’t bad.

For some reason your motor type isn’t querying into the calculations sheet though, which factors into the motor type averages. I’ll look into that. Edit: I figured out, apparently the query function doesn’t handle mixed data types well, so i’ve changed the form to entering 0 for hub motors and 1 for anything else. Now the data for hub motors should average out into the motor type averages graph just fine. I’ve changed your entry to 0 for hub motors.

I’m also going to be going back into my vesc logs and averaging out my own results… I am going based off memory atm and I wan’t it to be as accurate as possible. Edit: Done!

On a very windy day I got about 17 Wh/mi Riding fairly aggressively at varied speeds. Carvon v4 speed drive on 97mm. I’ll know more precisely when I get a bluetooth dongle.

Walking the dog (avg 10kmh top 30kmh) I get 7.4/km…

Commuting at max speed (avg 26kmh max 46kmh) I get 21/km.

Speed eats Watts for breakfast…

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Walking the dog?! More like dragging the dog against the pavement.