What kind of esc is this from diyeboards?


Have one of these cheap dual belt esc’s. Works great for my budget. Remote options are kinda crumby though. Looks like a duck, sounds like a duck - are these ling yi esc’s? Would love to get one of those OLED ones from amazon or meepo if so, says they can pair to vanilla ling yi’s. I ask because I know the remote reciever is hardwired to the PCB so it will only take the same branded ones. I notice older Ling yi escs look identical. Thanks in advance for any info!

It will pair if not a Hobbywing variant, but I doubt you will get the functionality in the bargain.

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Yeah but if the DIYeboards one is ling yi, why wouldnt it get full functionality? Everywhere it says it should pair fine and work fine. Visually the esc looks identical. The only concern I have is how the DIYeboards website doesnt mention anything about it being a Ling Yi esc.

This is the remote I am after. It also pairs by having a receiver connected to the esc, which is the case for mine. On the yeeplay I can even see my older remote there, I have the other one with the finger hole. I guess I am wondering if anyone has done this pairing. I have a strong sense it works, I was just hoping that someone did the same as me.

It is for sure a Ling Yi variant. I still have mine, as well as a hub motor version and a later “black box” V5. I also have multiple Hobbywing ESCs.

It will pair and work as far as accel and braking go, but since the ESC was not designed to be used with an OLED remote, I question whether you will get the readout information you’re after. Happy to be wrong.


You know if the braking accel work, it wouldn’t be a complete loss. I’ll think about it and report back if I do. Appreciate the response Bill, take care

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braking and acceleration curves are handled by the ESC, in your case the curves are not changeable no matter what remote you use.

yeah i get that, just wanted to know if I could use one of the programed remotes from meepo with a screen on an un modified esc from a different company (both are lingyi).

highly doubt it. The only information the old lingyi escs were designed to send out to the remote is battery levels.