What kV motor | 1:3 Fatboy Direct Drive | 12s4p | 6.5inch tyres

Trying to figure out what kV motor I go with. Size is limited to 6380, however will likely go dual 6374. E-sk8 calculator suggests that if I go with 170kV I will have a max speed of 47mph!!! Should I be looking for dual 130kV?

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With larger wheels torque isn’t traded for speed

So with a mtb or at board you want to go lower kv such as 130kv

Also speed won’t get that high since you are running tires therefore usually the speed is decreased from urethane

Personally I’m using his eco gear drives (1:3.5 gear ratio) and 6" wheels with 170kV 6374 Maytechs. The torque and speed is fine, more than enough. :slight_smile:

What sort of top speed are you getting?

To be honest last time I tried it was 57km/h.

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Excellent - I’m currently riding a Raptor 2.1 and find that at 43-44km/hr i often need a little more speed.