What li-ions for 6s build

Hey guys,

I was originally going to use 2x 3s lipo 5000mah (in series) to get 6s 5000mah for 40 euro But after doing some research I see using li-ions might be better. I checked out the previous post and for 6s some people recommended Basen 26650 but they are a little too pricey So what do you guys recommend for a 6s 5000mah+ setup?

also, why can I not solder the li-ions together do I have to spot weld them?

would it be best to stay with lipos?

Id say go li-ion but only use without a bms if you have a vesc, and the 30q is a good cell, yes you can solder but without a good iron and experience you can deplete cell life relatively easy.

ok thanks. I really want to use a bms tho

Then use a bms