What makes your board feel premium?

Just got my Boosted Clone running and while there’s still a lot to get done I’ve noticed that it feels incredibly “not premium”. I attribute this to the poor VESC settings I’ve got at the moment and that the enclosures needs adjusting.

So what makes your board feel premium?

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Riding through brine without worrying if it’s going to die


Hmm…I guess overall reliability would be top of the list, always ready to ride, tuned settings are a must, I need to be able to burn rubber off the line if I want to and brake slide to a stop. Weather shouldn’t be a factor other than my own desire to weather it :yum:


Hehe :wink: Agreed, but it can be pretty hard to splash/waterproof enclosures on certain boards. At least if you want to be able to open it again.

@Ackmaniac 's extended bldc tool :smile:


Made my Trampa fully water resistant. Have ridden through water, heavy rain and a couple snow storms.


What features more exactly? The changing of the throttling curve seems nice, but I believe you can do that on the new Vesc Tool as well?

Well that’s the premium part now ain’t it :sunglasses:

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Watt control. Haven’t tried the new tool yet. 3 more months and I wake up my board for a ride again :slight_smile:

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Touché! :wink:

Clean boxers. That’s the thing for premium rides. Everytime I put clean ones (once per month) I have great rides


Show a pictures of your water resistant build, please! It would be interesting to see it.:wink:

A good remote. maybe some lights. Custom Grip-tape (maybe copy the look from Evolve) And a story of how you board uses high quality components and was hand made :wink:

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No1 is reliability, it’s really hard to get things very reliable for an amateurs builders. You’ll need to go through various builds to discover weaknesses and strength points. No sudden stop at high speed. No kick start. No flimsy wireless connection. No cogging. The list can go on…

No2 is repairability. True you don’t need this if you have the No1, but things tend to break for unconventional reasons time to time. It’s better to make it easy to repair so that 1 - 3 years from now you don’t have to deconstruct the entire builds and wiring just to replace that 1 broken cell.

No3 is water-resistant. I can’t mentioned this enough, but this needs to be done. The moment you can ride in any weather conditions is marvelous. I also like the fact I could just drop them under the shower and cleaned it up after each rides without worrying.

No4 is maintainability. 0 Maintenance build + plug & play. Seriously, I take this consideration seriously. The more plug and play, the more easy to maintain. I like idiot proof things.

No5 is compliant to any surface given. eMTB comes on top here, where you can just have a comfortable ride in gravelly and paved roads. Pavement easily destroyed eboards especially with hub motors. eMTB just ride and glides over it.

No6 is maximum distance. I cared for this alot compared to maximum speed. I prefer to enjoy longer rides instead of a fast ride fast drain. Long distance means you can actually travels with it point to point without ever worrying about pushing the board half the road.

No7 is compactness and lightness. The more compact and light, it’s easier to transport. I think everyone here could agree on that, thats why eboard is here. But no matter how small and compact and light, if above criteria are not met, it’s useless.

No8 is those gimmicks you add - The finishing touch!. This is the fun part and requires no explanations. Extra lights, custom paint jobs, custom battery box, custom wiring, custom electrical upgrades, custom mounts, custom drive unit, custom motors, custom custom and custom… Making it a unique build, your build. Off course, if these things are done poorly, it’s just crap smashing build.

As you can see all of these points are quality build point of view. Thats the most important. The more quality you can pour into it, the more you will like it. The more you pour effort into it, the more you want to upgrade it. The more upgrades, the more attractive it will be. And so the downside of all are cost! Very costly build, but I can see here that members doesn’t seems to mind alot spending 2k ++. I don’t know why I think everyone here are rich, but if I still in high school wants the cool stuff, this just don’t cut it. I guess eboards are just another type of expensive hobbies.

ONE ABSOLUTE thing all builders and members here can agree on is not the premium feelings, but not going home after 3 minutes rides with half a board, 3 broken parts and the need to pay for costly replacement parts + VAT that took 3 weeks to deliver.


Being able to past cyclists and drag race cars at red lights


Hell yeah, no better feeling than leaving people in your dust

Same, but it always looks awkward. I had loads of fun beat my friends on bikes though. :bike:

Best thing is when you pass a whole group of cyclists, one by one down the whole line

A premium board should:

  • give you a smoot ride
  • give you a smooth acceleration
  • should be very controlable during carving
  • be very stable at high speeds
  • have a responsive and very precise remote
  • have no signal cutouts
  • quiet operation
  • be extremely powerful
  • have loads of torque
  • be beautuful and pleasing to the eye
  • have awesome brakes

love me a good smoot ride xD