What Motor should i buy

Hi everyone.

I am in a bit dilemma. I was planning to buy this 213Kv motor for my 10S eBoard setup with a 15Teeth x 48teeth pulley. with 80 mm wheels ( https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-aerodrive-sk3-6364-213kv-brushless-outrunner-motor.html)

But then it got soldt out. And hobbyking is awaiting around 2-4 weeks restocking time.

Then i found this one. which was a bit more slow. 192KV https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-aerodrive-sk3-6374-192kv-brushless-outrunner-motor.html

My first question is. Is 26-32 km/H to slow. It will primary be used for transport and not mountains or crazy speed. Plane Commute.

My other question is what would you suggest me buying if the 192kv is to slow?`i live in denmark in europe.

Im in a bit of a hurry, therefore im not sure that i can wait for the 213kv. and Alienpowersystem is on vacation

26km is very slow. However that is easily fixed by using a smaller wheel pulley. Common setups are a 36T wheel pulley with a motor pulley anywhere from 12T to 16T.

Also the 192kV is probably a little better anyways since it’s bigger and has a lower max ERPM.

smaller wheel pulley and that’s it

48t pulley is way to big for 80mm wheels. You will have almost zero clearance to the ground.

I use 3m its made for 80mm wheels

Do have a link for the smaller one? I have been looking and looking

You mean you use HTD3? That calculator uses HTD5 so it will give wrong information.

i have the 192kv sk3 on my board. im using a 9S setup , a 16:36 transmission (2.25:1), 15mm HTD5 belt and 83mm wheels. i weight 120kg and this motor and this ratio has no problem propelling me up to ~40km/h

in short, get the hobbyking one

Where did you get the pulleys i find them so difficult to find.

3D printed it myself with an Anet A8. (150€ printer)

however, 16:36 or 15:36 is a pretty common ratio, shouldnt be to hard to find

Where do you see HTD3. And does it make a diffrence?

How does 3d printed pulley work? Do they hold up? even if used ABS?

What do you think about HTD3 vs HTD5. I have a set made for HTD3 with 15mm width i just need 36 mm pulley

Circle of 48T htd3 is 48x3mm=144mm and 36T htd5 is 36x5mm=180mm. However you wheel pulley is smaller than it should be so it should give you plenty of speed. But remember that motor pulley is also smaller. If i remember right i did talk to you about this same thing last week. You bought one of those cheap pulley/mount sets from ebay or somewhere?

Try to set wheel pulley in calculator to 29T and motor pulley to 9T

That is correct. And the setup i made was going to work, but then Hobbyking took the 216kv motor out of order, so i could not order it. and now i need to buy either a 168kv or 192kv. But i cant quite hit the speed i want.

My first choice could be to buy this one. https://www.bearingboys.co.uk/3M-Section-Timing-Pulleys-3mm/363M15-Metric-Pilot-Bore-Timing-Pulley-21203-p#

that would cost me 11 pounds. and then use the 15 T motor pulley i have. Then i would end up with 15T 15mm x 36T 15MM HTD3.

the secound choice would be to buy both new pulleys for motor and wheel. So new 15T motor for HTD5 and 36T HTD5. That would cost around 25 pounds.

What do you guys think is the best.

I also have another question. If i buy this

It then says max loading 80A.

Can it hurt the motor if i set the max to 50A in the VEsc menu?

No it can’t.

I buy bugger motor pulley or HTD5 15/36 like everyone else is doing. And look at beltingonline.com