What motor should I get for my board?

I’m making a solar powered, foldable board. I’m not looking for a fast board, just a board that can transport small journey’s. I’m looking at around 18km/h top speed, a 4s 3000mah battery. It says 200kv will get me what i want. do i need more mah? what wattage should the solar panel be? do i need to care about v of solar panel?


I’ve got another board on the way which i might just slip on to this board. I’ll still get a different motor and all, here’s my doc on it: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VDsdksarwisMLQrBfvwZ_lzQNKH_fEoc9hXHqEjWcW8/edit ill have a spare battery which i’ll charge onboard with the solar panels on the top of the board

Regarding the battery you’d want at least 6s 5000mah, smaller batteries just don’t have the current capacity needed for driving a board and live to tell the tale.

And for the motor a 170kv with 14/36 gearing and 76mm wheels will net you around 20km/h on 6s


lol dont think this would work…it would take forever for you to have a solar panel charge a battery…unless it was a huge solar panel

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True, but if he wants to give it go for fun and science let him. Worst case he can just buy a simple charger and still use the board.

True … not sure … but I think @cmatson fooled around with this

yeah, its more of just a test. there will be trays stored under the board that will be pulled out to reveil a solar panel, and i will have a solar panel on the top of the board covered with clear griptape

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I was thinking about doing something similar mate, I reckon it might be more efficient to keep the solar panels back at home charging some sealed lead acid batteries.

The sealed lead acid batteries could supply power to a 12v lipo battery charger. This is turn charges your 6s lipo.

And you could carry a spare 6s battery in a backpack. Which has been charged at home on another day.

I realise it’s cool to have the solar panels on board but the power provided by the solar panels are no where near enough to charge your 5000mah 6s.

Good luck ! Let us know what you decide :+1:


It depends on his weight

im only 45kg @IsTalo

This motor is good, just change your battery

I’ll just leave this here :wink: https://electric-skateboard.market/product/190kv-sealed-motor/