What motors best for single drive?

Hi everyone, first time poster :slight_smile:

I am about to build my first electric longboard, I am wondering what size motors best for me? 6364 or 6374?

I weigh about 100kg and it’s mostly flat where I live.

I have a 6s battery plus a couple of 3s batteries so can run either 6s,9s or 12s.

Thanks !

6374 will be better, they usually can dissipate heat much faster making for them to run cooler.

Hey Tonto2k, Welcome!

Which motor is best depends greatly on what your goals are. You stated there aren’t many hills where you live, and you are interested in a single drive so I assume high speeds is not your thing, so the smaller motor would seem more in line with what it sounds like you want.

That said, you don’t have to use all the available power of the larger motor. If it’s putting out more power than you want, you can limit it in the VESC software. Therefore, I would suggest going with the larger motor. Cost difference is most like negligible.

FWIW, I’m converting my Landyachtz Switchblade to an electric board and am using a single 6374 sensored motor with a 12s battery (2 6s li-poly 10,000 mAh). I’ll also be using a Ollin VESC with a new Enertion Nano-X remote (if it every ships).

Best of luck on your build! :slight_smile:

i’ve got a landyachtz switchblade 40 as well that I really like and will convert but using a hub motor so not having the motor off the front

if you really want the most efficient system copper losses should equal iron losses meaning the motor wires should be just as much a source of heat (because of amps running through them) as the stator steel and the heat produced there (from eddy currents and hysterisis). Everyone here it seems is using the smallest motor they can get away with and not optimum for efficiency. when the motor gets hot the resistance of the windings increases and becomes more inefficient. the only downside to running a larger motor is extra weight. I’d go larger and then you dont have to think about a potential bigger load from racing up hills or something and it will run more efficiently and be easier on all the parts of the motor by keeping it cooler. More possible power…you’ll want it later.


Thanks for the replies guys :+1:

Looks like I’m getting the 6374 !

I would definitely go for the larger, that’s what I’m running on 6s and, in a relatively short burst the other day, it got me up a really steep hill to my car at the end of my ride… It doesn’t really get hot either and I’m 85kg.

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