What order should I connect the 3 Motor wires to the ESC

Guys please excuse my ignorance since this is my first build. I just received my enertion 190kv motors and like all the other motors they have three wires without any identification. What is the order of connection to the VESC?

Thank you Al…

Doesn’t matter. If the motor spins the wrong way just swap 2 of them.


Thank you for your response @lowGuido . So just to be clear, my initial connection is completely random and then If the motor spins the wrong way I just simply reverse any two of the three wires and that will reverse the direction of rotation? Also is this how you reverse the second motor on a dual drive setup?

Thanks Al…

yep! plug the three wires into your VESC, if the motor spins the right way, you’re all good! id it doesn’t take 2 wires out (doesn’t matter which two) and switch them- that will change the direction for ya.

these things are dumb proof!

Thanks guys Al…


i didn’t understand why this worked at first and it drove me crazy. It seemed like sorcery. But once i read up on brushless outrunners and how they are wound it totally made sense.

The first time I plugged mine in both wheels went in the right direction. Dumb luck lol.

Really good video on how brushless DC motors work! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCEiOnuODac