What other forums would we use if this forum didn't exsist?

Where will people gravitate to if the plug is pulled on this forum?

Endless sphere again


As @barajabali said, Endless Sphere. It’s where this forum was born from.


I was planning my first build here soon with 12s and the 192kv motor, might go with a 10s for more dependability. But ive seen many with the 190/192kv and 12s with alot of miles on their board. was going to do a dual 6s. I see the 190kv on hobby king says 10s voltage was wondering if that means it wouldnt work with 12s?

Another for endless sphere. I’ve yet to fine anything besides here and there for full builds. Vedder’s forum has some useful VESC specific things, but I haven’t seen near the amount of info there for other things (like batteries, motors, gearing, hardware, etc) There’s a French forum who’s name escapes me at the moment that also has some good stuff, but I don’t speak French very well and i haven’t found near as much there either.

ES no doubt. This where it all started.



my vote would be for reddit, honestly. There are already a number of subreddits with overlapping information (/r/multicopter for our electronics and /r/longboarding come to mind) and it’s an established, functional website with a plethora of options for mobile access

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Endless Sphere or I’d start a new discourse forum on digital ocean

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surfingdirt forum also looks promising at some instances…

Plus, I believe germans also got a good forum… though it is not international :slight_smile:

I’m actually working on a business independent, community driven, international esk8 forums project. And not only forums, just don’t wanna spoil it right now :wink:

Why? Because I don’t like it here that much. Why?

  • it’s run by a business ( Enertion ), try to logout and take a look at these ads.It’s not something we want to see on open platform. Community forums really should be business independent.
  • it’s totally insecure, there is no SSL on this forums!
  • Discourse properties: admins can easily read private messages and so on
  • users can easily hide someone else post just by flagging it ( sihtty configuration there )
  • no customizability! for example: we can’t embed graphs from projects that exists to visualize our rides, but that’s something that can be easily implemented. We as a community should be able to customize the forums for our needs!
  • and others…

It’s not really ready yet, but I have a domain ( https://esk8.xyz ), SSL certs and server ( my VPS with 8GB of RAM, 8 vCPU, 1TB SSD etc has quite a lot of POWEEERRRRRR yet to be used ) setted up already, but the software is missing some key features, it’s still just a beta.


Ok keep us updated… I hope it does work out in the end for you… some extra features would be nice… I already appreciate a lof of features this forum has compared to endless sphere platform…

One which I might lack, is the possibility to ‘‘post replies under a picture’’ this would be pretty useful for the picture thread to see all the questions someone has given, while also not burdening the overall view of the topic with numerous text replies under the picture… hope you got my point here :wink:

Facebook seems to somewhat incorporate such feature but then again - on facebook text is really small and this becomes a disadvantage, as you can miss out on a lot of good info written by others…

Non the less. ‘‘hidden comments’’ / replies would be nice in some cases…(for these quick questions not everyone is interested in, perhaps)

That’s actually a nice idea. Something like stack overflow has.