What plug goes into here? Thanks!

Does anyone know which cable adapter I need that plugs into this focbox? It’s the one that doesn’t have anything plugged into it, thanks!

That is the UART header, it’s for a Bluetooth modules or remote.

yes, thank you I just ordered the HM-10 and I was trying to find the cable to do bluetooth… your so awesome! do you have a link?if not its ok, I will google

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For the record, it is optional. You don’t have to connect anything there.

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You need a JST 2.0mm 7-Pin PH. Such as this one (UK) (USA). I haven’t received mine yet so can’t confirm 100% that it fits but 95% sure that’s the right cable.

@b264, thanks but I want to be able to bluetooth my information to my phone… I didn’t install a battery gage

awesome! Thanks I just ordered some… should be here Friday but I message the ebay seller if they can priority it

before you ask:

forget the resistors if your module can handle 5V


FYI. Battery monitoring via the BT app might, for some odd reason, be somewhat off compared to real values.

Measure with a multimeter directly off your + and - so you know how much to add/subtract.

thanks, I ordered the hc-10 and I think the one I ordered can handle 5v

thank you, I did not know that

I just got mine in today and they are correct

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