What protective gear do you use excluding the helmet?

what protective gear do you use excluding the helmet? wrist gaurds,knee pads,full racing suit lol ?


-TSG Pass -TSG DHP knees -TSG Tahoe elbows(under kevlar shirt) -Sector 9 Lightning Gloves -Hillbilly Hip Shorts -Vans with real braking soles -EVS Street Vest(spine protector & sternum guard) -Kevlar shirt -G-form ankles

Lol padded the fuck up bruh.

Sad part is I only feel like this on an eboard… Downhill alot and only wear helmet knees and gloves normally… Esk8 Hass the toss you the f off factor.


When I ride my “bad idea board” and I’m jumping up curbs a lot, I wear this. https://demonsnow.com/store/DS%201650%20Flex%20Force%20Pro%20top%20V2

Word 10char

this is all I need


I think its funny that y’all think it’s funny… And some people I ride with didn’t take it seriously. Lol

If you ride/cruise above 25 regularly you pretty much should be wearing gear, all the gear you can. At the end of the day you may not think I look cool. But when I go down I get back up and keep skating without the pain and with all or most of my skin. Lol.

I get it, some if you guys only cruise 10-20mph. Guess what ? Most healthy people can sprint at 13-17mph. So I understand not wearing all the gear. As you can likely bail easily. Hell even I don’t, if I know I’m just strolling around the neighborhood getting fresh air for a second at low speeds (under 15).

Or as I mentioned earlier skating analog. Lots of times I’ll go 30 down my hills in the development with just helmet and gloves. But I know all I have is me, the board, the trucks and the wheels. I feel it. I am in control.

With esk8 there’s so much random stuff even with a reliable board that could toss you off.

Asphalt and bones at speed don’t mix. Protect them. Skate another day.


Triple-8 Wrist guards, Elbow pads, knee pads, gloves and a rosary to protect me from the speed demon


Unfortunately my head is too big for any regular helmet and I’m forced to wear a motorcycle helmet to ride many people say its not safe to wear it but I think its safer then not wesring a. Helmet at all


As long as it’s lightweight. The main problem with motorcycle helmets is weight and small field of view.

But if it’s light(sub 1300 grams) and most helmets don’t fit your dome piece. A helmet is better then no helmet.but heavy helmets make neck injuries more prone


Yea I made sure to find the lightest one still my head is just big lol that sounded just as funny as I hoped it would hahahaha



Cursing With a chance of small hill gets me Slide gloves, Pants that will save skin and helmet as always. and I hate wrist guards I know there good but there so uncomfortable and I cant wear slide-gloves with them! so I learned how to fall correctly without Breaking wrists works well (don’t ask me how I know). And most importantly @Deckoz your gloves are sick :heart_eyes:

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Yea. The Sector 9 Lightnings are some of the best gloves available.

Full 1.7mm hide leather. Neoprene fingers instead of kevlar, knuckle guard. Tight fitment (I hate loose gloves). Perforated for hand sweat. Yep I love them. They’re super durable

My top gloves are

  • Sector 9 Lightnings
  • Sector 9 Thunders
  • Sector 9 Boxer 2’s
  • Rayne High Society v2 aka Murder Gloves.

These are all form fitting gloves. If you like loose gloves The loaded Freeride v7 are good. But most loose gloves fall apart easily.


I’m looking for as low key as possible that’s why I’m getting a half shell(no choice don’t exactly see skaters wearing helmets much not to mind a full face one lol and attention I do not need) so lif wise I’m between the bern mac or mips city rider or one the poc skate lids or predator fr7. Thinkin 187 wrist guards they look low key just not sure what gloves to use

Wrist guards…with gloves? Lol

Was that a question or suggestion? The most strangely confusing post lol more I read it more confused i get…makes sense just perfectly 2 ways :joy:

“It looks like Sputnik.”

I wear gform elbow pads under my shirt or hoodie fox knee and shin pads. Fox fingerless gloves


It was more so a how the hell is that gonna work… slide gloves need you to bend your wrists to put them down. wrist guards keep your wrist from bending…


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Speaking of slide gloves I’m rocking sector 9 like you decky, but I went with the “Thunder” the Louis Pilloni pro model.