What receiver does Maytech use?

So background is I just finished building my board a few days ago. On it’s 3rd/4th ride the Bluetooth receiver has died - LED no longer flashes on it and the remote can’t connect to the board.

I have this remote https://eskating.eu/product/eskating-remote-v2/ Its made by Maytech I believe the model number is mtskr1712.

It sells for about £60 but obviously would rather only rebuy the receiver as the remote still works fine. Alternatively would any receiver work and If so does anyone have any recommendations?

surely eskating.eu would offer a replacement if its only lasted a couple of days?

I’m sure they would were it a fault with the product but unfortunately in my eagerness to ride my new board I’ve been going out in some less than ideal conditions, which I suspect to be the more likely cause.