What remote should I buy?

yeah i guess they are all the same with different settings i guess, i just dont know why they have the remote with the receiver in there, it doesn’t make sense to sell a remote without a receiver , i wann place the order but i am not sure if i should or wait

Remote’s are more likely to get damaged or lost, so I see why they sell the remote stand alone, but yea I bought out the rest of the remote+receivers a couple days ago and they haven’t restocked yet.

maaan why didn’t you leave any for us lol i am stuck here with no remote , i got a wii nunchuck but it turned out to be the one that doesn’t work , i have to wait another month now for a controller , do you think this remote is better than the nunchuck? i am thinking of getting the right nunchuck

if you want a great remote, that fits the hand great, has great response and plenty of travel on the trigger…

FlySky FS-GT2B 2.4GHz 3-Channel Transmitter @ $27.70 https://www.amazon.com/2-4GHz-3-Channel-Transmitter-Discontinued-manufacturer/dp/B00FS2U9BA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1479141572&sr=8-1&keywords=gt2b

GT2B Electric Skateboard Controller Enclosure @ $25.00 https://electric-skateboard.market/product/gt2b-electric-skateboard-controller-housingcase-enclosure/


Haha sorry, gotta make sure my builds have remotes for them. For thumb remotes, this would be the only remote I recommend. It’s comfortable, has great throttle range, doesn’t have connectivity issues, has 1+ week battery life, and, as an extra, has two acceleration/speed modes.

I don’t recommend the winning remote at all since it caused me a few nasty scrapes, and while the nano-x is more reliable, it’s just not very comfortable and the throttle range is very lacking.

yeah i know the GT2b is a reliable controller but it just so big and bulky and not practical for me

yeah i did read about the winning and nano remotes, that’s why i really wanna get this one, i guess it is the best choice so far, i am wondering if you could do me a favour and sell me one of them now if you have many and you order it when they are back in stock again , i just can’t wait to get this thing rolling lol

Let me know in a couple weeks if you still need one. I just ordered them and they take a while to get here.

Oh ok thanks mate, this guy in amazon has them do you think its the same ones ? https://www.amazon.com/controller-receiver-benchwheel-electric-skateboard/dp/B01M9AGD65/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1479142368&sr=8-7&keywords=benchwheel

I second the Benchwheel. Been using one for a few weeks and it’s pretty rock solid. My favorite remote so far besides my EGO’s, but it’s a very close second.

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Yea, bench technologies is the only company that makes them so you should be okay. Just make sure not to buy the remote for the actual Benchwheel board as I don’t think there’s any way to make it work with a DIY board.

yeah i know , this one is a remote with a received so i guess its the same one , the pictures are the same as well so i am safe i guess , should i go ahead ?

My benchwheel remote & receiver is on the way, yeah! Today I had again dropouts with my winning remote at the known place. Btw. it’s possible to pay with paypal at aliexpress but the seller charges 5% for that. I don’t have creditcard so I did via paypal.

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Okey i am getting it fro amazon , they just replied and i assume they said the remote with receiver will only be back in stock after 15 to 30 days

I ordered mine through Alibaba. Took about a month to get and they were in stock when I ordered.

you mean aliexpress ?

Ooops, yes, Aliexpress

Hey all, of the remotes mentioned in this thread, can someone comment on which ones have the most throttle range? Somewhere around here, I saw where @longhairedboy likened the GT2B to an analog gas pedal feel. Is the GT2B the only one with that quality, and do the various case mods impede that and its trim and cruise functions, in any way?

I’m coming from a Winning remote, which has been reliable, but I don’t like the ultra short throttle travel.

call me crazy but i actually prefer the steeze to the gt2b at this point, although the gt2b actually does have a “wider”, or less compressed throttle range.

Also i kept cracking gt2b remotes wide open during tuck-n-rolls when i wreck my shit so i needed something that bounced more and shattered less.

though i think the electronics in the gt2b may be more reliable.

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