What’s the diffrence between these two battery chargers?

I just recieved a battery charger from Aliexpress. I usually use the left one that’s in the picture, which is much bigger, and the right one is the charger I just got, it’s so tiny compared to it. Is there any difference between the two in terms of charging?

From my quick look they are the same They might have diffrent plugs tho

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the one on the top says an output of 2000A:joy:, they seem to be the same tho both have the same output voltage of 42v and charge rate of 2a

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Thanks guys.

Yes they share the same specs (output wise), so why the old one I use is so big? This model is also used with e-bikes and hoverboards, I’m not sure why they don’t use the smallest ones.

I would prefer the bigger one because I think it has more parts than necessary like filters, bigger caps and etc. The other one looks like the cheapest possible charger with half of the optional components removed to save money on it.

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I agree. It just seems safer to use the bigger one. :smiley: