What’s up w the new maytech 6 and cool remote

They sent me a dealer price list but not much info on it. Any info? Bulk price is almost same as the flipsky6 and this case looks awesome and the bolt mount. image

And really liking their remote and see no info there but have prices. image Bulk price we could group buy. Wireless charge. Waterproof. This looks like what I just saw someone else selling for 200$. we can do way cheaper.


You’ve linked us to your gmail inbox humberger.

Every day is an adventure :grin:


Getting there. Can’t put up the video will try.

I think they’ve reached out to loads of people about the remote. $129?

I’d like to see their finished model and them send out a few samples for people to review.

Bit under that but yea. I think they don’t like their bulk price known. Wireless n the two triggered n screen is awesome seeming. Waterproof I will never need n waiting for crashproof


Maytech 6 looks cool. hyperIon is doing a test run of the remotes soon @mmaner @Sender are both getting one


there is already a thread about the R2 style remote… but i thought it was like 160 for GB price :scream: :thinking:

That’s less of a group buy. It’s got a mark up on it because they need to turn a profit. It’s understandable, they are a business.

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Yea they’re not pro group buy sellers!! Cheap undercutters! Like me. Hell we can get that price way down


And people think I’ll piss someone off with that kinda talk. Go Straight n skip the middleman. Welcome to the future. They’re willing to sell bulk and I’ll sell way cheap. It’s so easy.


I just know what I can read here and in the thread from @hyperIon1 it´s 160 when reached 20 pieces. 20 pieces or me already a group buy @brenternet That the price is not top… that´s an other thing. Still can´t imagine that it´s nice handling with the two different trigger for break and throttle.

Oh yeah you’re not wrong. It’s still a group buy, just not a great one :joy:

I’ve used the two trigger remote from evolve, it’s personal preference of course but I really liked it.


for a better price it would be worth a try but 160…äähm ja… :sweat_smile:

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Wait let me confirm and add the shipping cost from China in and get back to u.


Inb4 hummie price is $390 and a finger :joy:


@Hummie if you want to do the group buy just say so. I’m not doing it to turn a profit. All yours brother. If your price is better put me down for one, if it’s only a few dollars don’t worry about it… Thx


@brenternet posted the correct bulk price at 129. 160$ is probably close to what I’d have to sell it for with costs of Shipping from China and shipping in USA and insurance and insurance fees to China.

Yea looks like more costs than seem at first sight. Thinking about it i don’t think I do it cheaper but maybe the esc. Maybe.

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that vesc is looking sweet, any chance there are any pics of the other side of the pcb? Also wondering what those caps are rated at.

Yes. We know. It’s not about profit in group buys we do. It’s about covering cost, providing a SERVICE and giving back a little to the community. We understand that everyone can’t spend top dollar on everything. We are still to close to being customers ourselves. We don’t do it blindly. On products we know and trust. No problem. Just hosted a group buy on motors. Great prices and covered shipping. Our goal is not only to turn a profit, we have always stated we want to bring quality products with choices at affordable price and make them more available than 2-3 weeks delivery. Low prices can be achieved if the customer base is there. Volume creates the opportunity to lower prices unfortunately most resellers don’t do it. We wish to change that. I’m hoping to have a small number of remotes and Maytech6 when the 6880 motors ship at the first of the year. As for the remotes we only want to have a small number at first because it’s new and people on the forum want to test it. I don’t think I would commit so many to something no one can report on. That’s why we have 6 remotes coming and available at 135$ ( for testing ) I also have the duel 50a coming as well. Stock motors shipped today from China


do you know of anybody getting the vesc 6 derivate for testing? would be interested to see if the specs they provite are up to real life performance.