What setup NESE battery holders?

Hi guys,

I’ve got another problem.

I need help with choosing what NESE battery holders I should use for a 10s3p setup (4p preferably but I don’t think that’ll fit). I feel like NESE is very handy for someone that has never spot welded or made a battery himself.

Originally I was thinking 5x NESE 2s3p(From my understanding this will give me 10s3p battery). Which will fit, I’ve made dummy holders out of paper with the measurements that were listed on the website. But I’m wondering if there is a setup that takes up less space. Or even a setup that can fit a 4p in there (very unlikely)

What is the difference between 8p and 2s4p? The amount of batteries is the same. The size is different. I don’t understand. Could someone explain me in the simplest explanation possible, I am clueless lol. I’ve read and read on the NESE thread here on esk8 but I still can’t seem to understand. People even talking about 4p + 4p.

The size of my enclosure is as follows:

3x13x42 centimeters

I will need definately need 12 centimeter for bms, anti spark switch and focbox. I’m not even sure if that’s enough space.

I would like to know aswell.

5 2s3 modules. But I really need to say that if you don’t know the difference in 8p or 4p, I’d suggest doing more searching and reading. In two months time ive gone from entry level knowledge to now building my own battery and other things. This site has all the info you could ever want and more.

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Wow that actually still responded lol :joy:

I have decidedly to not use nese but instead let s9meone just make a battery for me.

Thank you for still answering my question after this long time, you’re awesome!

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Just for the record NESE 2SxP modules are double sided, meaning have bolts and terminals on both sides. 4P+4P means tab configuration. In 2S4P modules you have one module that has 3 tabs on the fartherst module from main terminals, 1×8P tab and 2×4P tabs, the rest will have 4×4P tabs. This forms inside loop so external wiring is needed.