What setup will give me more range

Hi everyone!

Im new here and I want to get into electric skateboarding. I’d rather build one myself than buy an overpriced board with a shitty deck and bad range.

What’s most important to me is how far I can go on a single charge while keeping the cost down. Using 18650 cells requires me to buy an expensive BMS so I’d rather buy some lipos and charge them with the charger I already have for my quadcopter lipos.

Now I wonder what the most efficient setup would be, aka which one will get me the furthest: high voltage and lower capacity or lower voltage and higher capacity

For example: 10s 5000mAh or 6s 10000mAh

I know the higher voltage one will make me go faster but like I said I value range over top speed.


That’s why we use the search function plus we don’t know your budget


the total number of WH in each pack is comparable. It’s not about straight up capacity, higher voltage systems run at lower current so they get the same amount of range as a system with half the voltage and double the capacity (multiply V by ah to get WH)

generally high voltage is more efficient while also providing for higher maximum output power, so you get more range if you limit your throttle but can get a lot more power at will if you need it

i’m glad to answer questions but next time, please use the search function first, this is probably in the top five most asked questions on this forum.

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12S 9000mAh Just $299 already comes with a charger! Lol https://miamielectricboards.com/shop-1/stealth-pack-12s3p

Secondly like @willpark16 said you can find your answer if you search. but if you want to compare batteries the one with the large WH would give you greater distance.


If you are going to get a battery take advantage of @oriol360 sale


Also you don’t require a BMS on 18650s if you have balance leads on it like a lipo

Didn’t really know what to search for but you’re right I could’ve used the search function, I’m sorry.

I can get a 2 5s 5000mAh lipos from hobbyking for 30 euros each and put them in series, so thats like 70 bucks for a 10s 5000mAh.

Thank you all for your answers!


My project is different than yours, it’s an e-bike. I’ve decided to use two 6s 20,000 mAh Turnigy Multistar batteries in series for 44.4 Volts. 20 Amp-hours X 44.4 Volts equals 888 Watt-hours. https://hobbyking.com/en_us/multistar-high-capacity-6s-20000mah-multi-rotor-lipo-pack.html?___store=en_us

I also plan to use this 1080 Watt dual charger which can charge this yuge battery pack to full in less than two hours: https://www.ebay.com/itm/SKYRC-PC1080-Dual-Channel-Battery-Balance-Charger-1080W-20A-for-6S-Battery/292265405172?hash=item440c602af4:g:p38AAOSwaopZklr2

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You know there’s nothing stopping you from building an 18650 pack that plugs into your LiPo charger…

and also, a BMS is dirt cheap to come by. You can pick up a Bestech BMS for probably 30 bucks off of someone here. We can also talk about the long-term costs of LiPos… specifically how they deteriorate in a year or so. An 18650 pack will last for at least twice that of a LiPo pack.


Have a look see at this build mate. http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/high-power-10s-lipo-battery-pack-with-bms/10014?u=hankbull

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