What should be the BLDC tool values for this setup?

I have a dual hub motor, VESC 2.54 and 8S3P lithium battery setup. Here are the spec sheets I got from the manufacturers. Not so much other info regarding the parts since I was getting them from a chinese supplier. What do you suggest for my BLDC tool values for this setup?

Still looking for those values, anyone?

You “setup” the vesc to get those values Run motor detection, etc

P = U * I Watt = Volt * Ampere

600 Watt Motor = 36 Volt Motor * Battery amp | :36V 600 / 36 = A

A = 16

You should set battery max to 16A Am i wrong?

battery current is not motor current

Then he would Need to set?

Motor max: 16 battery max: 16

That way he would not exceed the Power of the hubs.

Don’t know what batteries he has so nothing to base batt max on and again battery current and motor current are separate

Well, his Motor can only run up to 600W His Motor max can only be 16A. Therefor his battery max should be at max at 16A. It does not make sense if he set up battery max to 50A because Motor max will constraint it…

it is not necessary to use the same battery max as Motor max but it is another safety Feature you can add

Read this please

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90% duty cycle Battery 40V 36A Motor 36V 40A

10% duty cycle Battery 40V 4A Motor 4V 40A

Result: the battery max does not exceed the Motor max. it cannot because the duty cycle will never be 100%. there is always some loss. So i would set Motor max to 16A (when using 10S) and battery max to 16A or lower.

Sorry for the late reply. What would you suggest for a 7s3p battery?