What should I do to get rid of extra space along the truck axle?

On my Caliber II trucks, after I put the wheel in there is still a good chunk of space that I need to fill or else the wheel will slide back and forth. What is the best thing to fill up this space? I have tried using a spacer, but that’s too large and I can’t fit the end nut back on. Would I need to use like 4 or 5 speed rings instead?


A spacer my friend.


xD 10char…

Hey Cris, so I actually tried that first, but the result is that there isn’t enough space to put the nut back on. This is what it looks like when there is 1 spacer on the axle. Do I need to acquire a spacer of a smaller size?

Yeah man for sure. Are you sure your bearings are pressed all the way in? And your nut isn’t tight yet either… if you have a file or Dremel or whatever sand the spacer down.

as long as the nut does not bottom out or use spacer.

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Looked like he room to tighten it up and be fine?


I have the same issue. I used four washers temporarily. I got a die, and will continue the threads a few more soon. Easy peesy.


How is this happening? Seems odd to me… .

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The axle just didn’t have a compatible length to fit a whole extra spacer in. Using @skatebored 's technique I got it to work nicely for now (using a bunch of extra speed rings).

Crazy. Do your bearings have built in spacers? If so flip one. They’re shorter.

this is a terrible idea. best to just get the right sized spacers or grind one down to be the right size

Terrible idea to flip a bearing?

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