What should I wrap 18650 batteries with?

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Was this wrapped with electric tape? Was it wrapped with heat shrink? What was it wrapped with and is there any tips to use when doing so?

heat shrink, you can get it on ebay. Ships from china, takes weeks to get here. Go to ebay and look up “heat shrink for 18650” and see what you get.

Amazon also has stuff, 2 day shipping!


Oh cool it looks like some more has been added to Amazon since the last time i looked. UXCELL still ships from China though i beleive, they’re the people i get bags and bags of bullet connectors from. I think i may have also ordered my 85mm red shrink tube i use in my packs from them last time as well.

I’m getting samples of all the sizes of tubes i need from an american company who sells in bulk, hopefully i’ll have that soon to try out and can start getting this crap in larger rolls from America soon.

It’s available on prime, which provides 2 day shipping so I’m assuming they have a deal with Amazon and stock their disto centers with product.

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Sweet thanks

Its a PVC heatshrink, you can get it in nearly any size of color