What should you spend most money on?

Hi, I was wondering what I have to spend the most money on?

I planning on building a dual motor build. The motors is from hobbyking: 192 kv 6374 for both about 180€ and the ESC is from flipsky it is a dual Vesc 6.6 that cost 250$. The battery I will be using is probably two 6s 2p wired In series batteries. But I don’t know if for example the ESC is overkill or if I need to spend more money on batteries.

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You should spend the most on the protective gear. Other than that, it depends solely on your preferences. If you need more range, spend more on batteries. If you need more comfort, spend more on wheels, etc. I don’t think there’s a simple universal answer.


(Retracted my opinion about the vesc/battery combination, I seem to know nothing about it)

calling @pjotr47 for battery advice

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It depends much… what was your budget?

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About 1100€

Nice budget! For that price you can build something nice.

Any preference? Any sort deck in your mind?

Do you like speed or torque? Range?


You know hes going to be running 12S right? 2 x 6S2P batteries wired in series is a 12S2P battery. I think the VESC is fine!

Won’t voltage sag be an issue with 2P?

It is not overkill in fact, cause it he does not replace some components on the 4.20 then it will be cut out if you go above 30a

In fact there is no such thing as overkill

Depends what you make the 2p with

I would like it to go very fast, I planning on buying 110mm wheels with 218mm trucks and 15mm belt. The link for the kit: https:///products/dual-motor-mechanical-kit?variant=712352301079

And I don’t really know what deck I will need, I don’t think I can make the build with two enclosures with a flexy deck, so I think I will need some sort of stiff deck.

Any suggestions on better Lipo/ li ion batteries I can spend about 350$ on batteries.

Why not 2 of this for 350$ ?

Quality and performance in your budget :wink:

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heres another cheap large capacity battery from wowgo:

There good for about 20km

I have built high performance boards for dirt cheap by avoiding kits like that. It may take an extra 2 hours to source parts, but i save $500+ easily

(most money)
1 - battery
2 - helmet
3 - ESC
4 - motors
(least money)


you can´t compair your e-MTB with somebodys street board. the range will be way different. the 12s 12Ah pack has 537Wh. With an average consumption of 18Wh/km (which should be already much for a steet board) he still get 30km out of them.

I miss the remote under your the top 4

Where do stickers rank on that list? After helmet i would guess